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Man shocked in Holly Springs construction accident

Posted August 14, 2009
Updated August 16, 2009

— An employee of an electrical subcontractor working on an expansion of the Holly Springs wastewater treatment plant was shocked Thursday, authorities said.

John Grizo, 36, of Apex, was working on electrical systems at the construction site for Via Electric and was knocked unconscious when electricity in a 480-volt panel arced and struck him in the head, authorities said.

His condition was unknown Friday.

Via Electric is a subcontractor for T.A. Loving Construction, which is handling the Utley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion. The project is nearing completion after nearly two years of construction.

The first phase, which expanded the town’s wastewater treatment capacity to 2.4 million gallons per day, went online Aug. 5. At the end of construction early next year, the plant will be able to treat 6 million gallons of wastewater per day.

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  • fishstory Aug 14, 2009

    Prayers for this person and his family. Unfortunately, the construction industry still does not recognize the need to wear PPE or turn the power off when working on energized equipment. Employers are required to supply PPE and a safe work environment, but if an employee try's to force an electrical construction company to comply with these types of laws, they will be replaced by the next guy standing in line. The perception on a job site is that this is an inconvenience to the customer and too many times catastrophic for the employees just trying to earn a living. Construction work is still tough work folks. Try it and you will find out. These guys are out there working and literally trying to survive day to day. OSHA is not staffed or even present on construction sites unless someone gets hurt or dies and it gets publicity. Otherwise, they are too busy to enforce thier own laws.