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Man shocked during suspected copper theft

Posted November 6, 2008

— A man was shocked Thursday morning while he was trying to steal copper wire from a Duke Energy substation at Ashe Street and Hoover Road, police said.

The unidentified man suffered severe burns and was airlifted to the Jaycees Burn Center at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, police said.

The case remains under investigation, police said.


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  • sayitoutloud Nov 7, 2008

    Bet he wont do that again.

  • malave27896 Nov 6, 2008

    Too bad he got hurt the way he did . But if had got away with the copper we the people who pya for the services would be paying for his theft on way or another with higher prices for their services. If makes a full recovery he neesds to take this a as lesson learned.

  • unreconstructed1 Nov 6, 2008

    craftymo-Deathrow - I am sure you put your little political jab in there hoping for a response and I hate to disappoint ;)
    It sounds as though deathrow is just trying to add some warm and fuzzy feelings an feel his pain . By the way , the majority has NOT spoken , since at least 1% of the new voter registrations are illegal .

  • lizard Nov 6, 2008

    crafty - sore losing is what happened in 2000 and 2004

  • ccs1920 Nov 6, 2008

    CraftyMo/ A very large minority! We can live with it for four years. See you in 2012.

  • james27613 Nov 6, 2008

    The 'victim' will find a good lawyer, perhaps John Edwards,
    to take his case against Duke because the danger signs were
    not up to date or hard to read.

  • rargos Nov 6, 2008

    I thought this kind of stuff would stop once Obama was elected ... maybe I should wait until Inaugration day and see if things get better after that.

  • mac240 Nov 6, 2008

    I willing to bet he doesn't have health insurance! I guess we'll foot the bill for this.

  • 42ITUS Nov 6, 2008

    It was probably the father of the kid that got zapped for stealing a campain sign. Like son like father.

  • jimbo141 Nov 6, 2008

    way to go!!!! got what he deserved!