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Man seriously burned in Raleigh house fire

Posted February 20, 2009

— A Raleigh man suffered burns over half his body Friday morning in a house fire, authorities said.

The man, who is in his mid-50s, escaped the house at 2116 Millbank St. but was seriously burned, said Rusty Styons, assistant chief  of the Raleigh Fire Department.

The man, whose name hasn't been released, was taken to the North Carolina Jaycees Burn Center in Chapel Hill for treatment.

Firefighters responded to the fire at about 8:15 a.m. Styons said it appeared the man was filling a kerosene heater with gasoline when the gas ignited.

The single-family home was severely damaged.


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  • bronzegoddess40 Feb 20, 2009

    He did not buy the gas, someone else went to get it and it turned out to be gas. So, he did not do it. A tragic mistake occurred. I pray and hope that none of you who happen to have less than the compassion of a "rock", have something like this happen to you.

  • katieb60 Feb 20, 2009

    People are awfully quick to judge. I know a family member of this gentleman. What started out as a favor from someone who went to get Kerosene for him, turned into a targedy all from a simple mistake. All of you with your negative and cynical, crass comments should be ashamed. This family is going through a tragedy. They need prayers and support not critiscism.

  • Glass Half Full Feb 20, 2009

    Agreed this gentleman made a poor choice, but was he cold? Was his family cold? Was gasoline all he had? Most of ya'll are sitting comfortably in your centrally heated glass houses throwing rocks at a man with 2nd & 3rd degree burns over 50% or more of his body. Have some compassion. I'm sure his first thought wasn't how much he wanted to see the debriedment room at the Burn Center in Chapel Hill when he was doing this. If, as another poster has mentioned, this gentleman has passed from his burns, may he rest in peace. If you've ever seen anyone suffer sever burns you'll have compassion no matter how they were burned.

  • 8675309-9 Feb 20, 2009

    Another local news station is reporting this man died.

  • Steve Crisp Feb 20, 2009

    I have no compassion for stupidity. There are some things that are either so obvious, or should have been learned at such an early age, that those who commit them have absolutely no excuse. None.

    But because we are populated with so many folks who have the IQ of rocks, we now have warning labels all over everything, insurance prices have gone through the roof, and the courts are clogged with frivilous lawsuits -- the dispositions of which we all pay for in higher prices when those same low IQ judges and juries accept idiocy as a justification for damage awards.

  • dbcooper41 Feb 20, 2009

    steve, your compassion is overwhelming.
    been to the steakhouse lately?

  • commonsensical Feb 20, 2009

    If this keeps up, the average IQ should start increasing, Steve. :)

  • Steve Crisp Feb 20, 2009

    So we now have someone trying to put gasoline into a kerosene heater. Yesterday we had someone firing up a charcoal grill in their living room. Will tomorrow bring someone electrocuted trying to attach a wire to the overhead lines, bypassing their meter?

    Seriously, just how dumb are people getting today?

  • Weaker Pelosi Feb 20, 2009