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Man on House Arrest Charged With Dealing Drugs

Posted June 15, 2007

— A local man on house arrest for drug violations was arrested Friday morning and charged with dealing cocaine from his home, authorities said.

Henry Lewis Robertson III, 25, of 4715 Pony Run Drive, is charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine and maintaining a dwelling for the keeping and distribution of controlled substances. More charges are pending, authorities said.

Investigators said they monitored Robertson’s activities before obtaining a search warrant. Deputies raided his home shortly after 6 a.m. Friday and seized about a half-ounce of cocaine, $2,400 in cash and a firearm, authorities said.

Deputies said Robertson was wearing an ankle bracelet monitor as part of an intensive probation sentence when he was arrested this morning.

He is being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $10,000 secured bond.


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  • Cyn Jun 17, 2007

    I really think we have to try to attack this as we would any other big business, but taking the customers and money. If we just lock up dealers, there is a ready supply of new ones to take their place. The methadone program was a start, but in my area the closest place to get it was 45 miles away so it was not realistic for the addict to get there. Also, I am not sure what services were offered in conjunction with the methadone. A program that would work would need to be comprehensive enough to keep people coming back. Probably would need to include a detox from the street drugs, be 24 hours a day and allow addicts to get mental health services. Possibly job training, employment services etc. Tax breaks for companies willing to hire addicts similar to the tax break offered for hiring felons. This all goes back to my belief that our current trend to cut funding and availability of mental health services is a big mistake.

  • Only In America Jun 17, 2007

    "Robertson was wearing an ankle bracelet monitor as part of an intensive probation sentence", must not have been too intensive.

  • ladyblue Jun 17, 2007

    Cyn I do wish your idea could work. They tried that with herione addicts I thought. They do the methodone but it hardly stoppped enough addicts to fund the program. We must get the dealers off the streets before they give samples to the little kids so they get hooked. I don't think we'll ever get all the drugs from this country until, as you say, people stop buying them. I can't see it happening in my life time. Parents these days have to be deligent in keeping their eyes out for their child's behavorial changes, learn as much as they can about drug use patterns, intervene immediately if supusious, and pray that their kid escapes getting caught in this trap.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 17, 2007

    cyn...You make an interesting point. I just don't think it's that easy and you seem intelligent enought to realize that, not enough time on a forum like this.

    You mention mental illness with these people. Paranoia is probably the dominating one. They will not trust the govt drugs and the govt drugs will not be strong enough for them for liability reasons.

    You are right in many ways and you're thinking right. Hopefully someday we can find an answer.

    kudos to you too weasleyes, thanks for your service.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jun 16, 2007

    Our legal system in action (not)

  • nursevb8 Jun 16, 2007

    I guess they thought this was "getting him off the street" The judge here needs to learn to be a little tougher if he plans to contribute to societies safety. Maybe he needs to go to a drug free workshop

  • weasleyes Jun 16, 2007

    Amen, Cyn! And for the record, I despise the liberal viewpoint and what it has done to this country. I am a veteran, and a Jesse Helms conservative, but I do believe in helping people who deserve help. My belief in Jesus Christ demands that I do this.

  • casper20000 Jun 16, 2007

    once a dealer, always a dealer, easy money is the lure.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 16, 2007


  • rpd2459 Jun 16, 2007

    The "drug war" has not failed. It's the courts that have failed. They have no power to stop the bad guys. And if you gave it to them yall would freak out when we cut a thiefs hand off.