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Man Offers Stranger a Ride, Gets Stabbed in the Chest

Posted July 25, 2007

— A man who tried to help a stranger in need ended up getting stabbed in the chest Tuesday.

Police said Dewey Dale stopped in Halifax County Tuesday and offered Shawn Sims a ride. Sims’ car was broken down on the side of the road.

After getting in the car, Sims told Dale he had to use the bathroom, so Dale pulled over, police said. Sims then told Dale to get out of the car, and the two began to struggle in the car. Sims pulled out a knife, stabbed Dale in the chest and stole the car, police said.

Dale was recovering in a hospital and was listed in good condition.

Authorities caught Sims Wednesday morning as he drove around in Dale’s car in Nash County.

Sims was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, possession of a stolen vehicle and driving with a revoked license.

He was held at Nash County Jail on $65,000 bond.


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  • fyiarp Jul 27, 2007

    I agree with Geisha, bronzegoddess & No time for non-sense. After reading all these posts, it's pretty clear which ones are written intelligently and without a little rage in them. I salute you three for making a point so clearly that I agree with.

    And I think we all agree that this guy was a low-life, regardless of race. It *IS* possible to comment on that without spewing nonsense about race and "the rev and jesse" as you all like to say. Some of us do comment on these things without mentioning race, it's only when someone posts one of this racially tinged comments that we respond. I'm glad to see some intelligent posters on here though, thank you.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Jul 27, 2007


    Yes very serious!

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 26, 2007

    A previous post stated that "I just made a comment, I didn't intend to start anything." or words to that effect. Come on, now, ALL of us know that certain comments start the ball rolling, no one who posts on here with any regularity is that innocent...especially when the race card is played.

    That being stated, I think it is sad that you can't even help a stranger. I often see people with signs that say "Will Work for Food" but if I offer to bring food back, they get angry. They want the money for their own purposes. There is one family (yes an entire family) who frequently have a sign that requests food, but all FOUR of them sit talking on cellphones!!! I hate to see people walking when I can offer them a ride, but I don't want to be killed for my kindness....

  • bhlhcm Jul 26, 2007

    This guy is the same person that carjacked my son and yes he is a career criminal. He has been in & out jail so many times it is not even funny. The sad thing is that this could have been prevented!!! Nothing was done to him when he jumped in my son's unlocked car and held a knife to him. He was held for 5 hrs against his will while this guy threatened his life. This guy was doing crack in my son's car the entire time. He was finally able to get away from him and went straight to the police dept. but nothing was done got to love justice. My son was able to get away from him and thankfully so. Something like this has to happen and then his bond is set for only 65,000 what does that say about thr rights of a CRIMINAL. Victims rights do not exist.

  • imyourhuckleberry Jul 26, 2007

    And as an fyi no-time, I did post under your GOLO as you had requested. I do read most of what is written. ;) But for some strange reason it is no longer there. I don't think it was offensive, maybe you did, maybe Golo managing editor did, oh well!

  • imyourhuckleberry Jul 26, 2007

    Are you serious No-time? I had to read that several times to understand what you were saying. I am dumbfounded you would bring another article into this one, and also a little confused as to why you're cheerleading for GG. As for your other comments, guess others will find a way to relate to them. Good luck with that!

  • Vietnam Vet Jul 26, 2007

    My only question on this one is this. He tries to kill the guy, steals his car, and is riding around in it when he is caught and his bail is only $65,000??? What's wrong with that picture??

  • Mrs. Fabulous Jul 26, 2007

    Again, the post below was in response to a poster on the forum where the kid killed his principal. Geisha posted to this poster the biasness of posters on WRAL. Take notice again, this thread has 140+ comments while the kid that killed his principal only had 30+. This proves what many of us have been saying all along. Many of your hypocrites preach that you are not racist. You are not prejudice. My question to you then, why did you not comment on the other story and post some of the same comments, like "typical", etc. Why? The truth will make you free. Please sit at the table and eat of bit of this truth that has been revealed. I rest my case. Any comments you'd like to make to me concerning this post, please direct them to my person GOLO page. I will be glad to address them. Have a great evening folks!

  • Mrs. Fabulous Jul 26, 2007

    Geisha's words:

    If this had been a young black youth who killed his principal the comments would have been as follows: get a rop, hang em, thug, miscrient, deviant, delinquent, murderer, then we would have had to read the prison stats to show that there are more black men locked up in prison than any other race, then there would have been the comments about his family being on welfare and welfare breeding criminals, projects, the "system" hood, gangsta, baby daddy, low life scum, etc. No hope for rehab, burn em, execute him, etc. But since he is not, the comments are more hopeful, more sympathetic, more caring, a little more concerned. If only we could be that concerned with ALL of our youth and what they endure during those trying school days. It wont ever happen. Just another "typical" day on WRAL.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Jul 26, 2007

    This is what Geisha posted on another thread about a the kid who killed his principal. I'm posting this because of how this forum has 144 posts of scumbag, idiot, thug, etc. While the other thread with the kid killing his principal only has 39. Typical right? No one has stormed to that forum offering name calling. This shows the biasness of most posters because of this criminals skin color. Notice the truth? Here's what Geisha posted. I'll post it on another line

    To be continued...