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Man loses fight to keep bobcat

Posted July 2, 2008

— A Lenoir County man has lost the fight to keep his pet bobcat.

Tim Seaman said Wednesday that state wildlife officials have seized the animal, whom he called Nero, because it is illegal to keep animals native to North Carolina as pets.

Seaman had applied for a permit but was denied and also appealed the decision. That appeal was also denied.

State wildlife officials won't specifically discuss Seaman's case, but they say that, in general, it is against the law for people to keep native wildlife as pets.


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  • tseaman Jul 7, 2008

    Thank you all for the comments. I'm going to look into the shirs this week and post a new website for Nero, www.freenero.com I'm also going to contact some other people who have been in this same position as me to see what they did to get their animal back. If anyone has any ideas for a shirt or billboard please let me know. Any unused proceeds to help Nero will be donated to the www.felineconservation.org or the www.naiaonlineorg.org to help other animals across the county.

  • OALA Jul 4, 2008

    Keycall has some great ideas! I think the shirts would be a good start to getting some funds... start a website, petition, distribute the phone # of the guy you were waiting to call you back and let everyone call him.
    Good luck getting your cat back... Free Nero Now!!!

  • ghimmy51 Jul 4, 2008

    The cat did NOT come from North Carolina and should not be treated by blind law as if it did. It's not a native of North Carolina. It moved here ... just like most of Cary.

  • keycall Jul 3, 2008

    Well - the first thing is to get the story more attention, so vote to Make this story a GOLO Hot Topic !
    - Call NCDWR
    - I have a friend in goldsboro that can silk screen shirts !
    - Do a blog / website "Return Nero"! Drive traffic to that site.
    - Call NCDWR, again and again and again!
    Just my two cents worth. Hang in there Tim !

  • catwoman1 Jul 3, 2008

    I'd sure buy one.

  • keycall Jul 3, 2008

    We need to print some shirts - "Nero - Stolen bobcat" and go see Nero at the Wilm. zoo!
    everyone needs to call NCDWR and voice your issues.

  • Wake1 Jul 3, 2008

    What a shame! Maybe our wonderful Gov. could spare some time to pardon this poor animal!

  • tseaman Jul 3, 2008

    Thank you all for your support!! I don't know if I could be a Wildlife specalist or not. I really need to talk to an attorney about this issue. All the state has to do is approve me so I could get my exhibitors license to exhibit him. If anyone knows an attorney with experience with wildlife issues, contact me. I've done everything I can to cooporate with the state and they have done nothing but play games with me and give me false hope. I have a petition that a friend of mine started. Maybe I need to setup a legal defense fund for Nero to see if I can get enough donations to sue the state and the individuals who do not need a job at the NCDWR. I called them before I ever got Nero and they would never return my calls. Now they came to take him away bc they wouldn't do their job in the begining. It's not over, I'm going to come up with something over the weekend. my e-mail address: timseaman95@yahoo.com

  • scarletindurham Jul 3, 2008

    A poor cat who never hurt anyone...? Now he's going to be stuck in a cage somewhere instead of with his loving family. This one is seriously ridiculous. I hate NC sometimes.

  • snowcat92 Jul 3, 2008

    As a pet owner myself, I can sympathize with Tim's situation. Nero is remarkable, and an example of what positive socialization can do. I have a Chow and he is good to my cats and is a very loving dog. People who don't know my dog assume that he is mean because of his breed, and he has NEVER hurt anyone (he's 11 years old). Nero lived in a good home with people who loved him and treated him with respect. He reacted with affection, and I would have liked to have met him. I wish the NCDWR would go after some of the gators and non-native poisonous snakes that lurk in our wilderness instead of going after animals like Nero and breaking up families. I would love to see Tim get him back!