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Man Killed While Crawling Across Durham Highway

Posted February 28, 2008

— A man was struck and killed Wednesday night while crawling across N.C. Highway 55 in Durham, police said.

Winston Thomas, 55, of no known address, was crawling across N.C. 55 near Allendown Drive when he was struck by a northbound 2002 Toyota Camry driven by Marilyn Saleeby of Durham, according to investigators.

Thomas was pronounced dead at the scene. Saleeby was not injured.

Saleeby told investigators she did not see Thomas until she struck him. Investigators do not plan to file any charges against Saleeby.


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  • Glock Ranger Feb 28, 2008

    Well, ratherbnnc, it happens. I am an older veteran of the WRAL forums. I cut my teeth in computer communications by writing there until WRAL changed the format and ran all of us off. I still have some of those postings.

    By the way, back in the day I used the same handle as you see now. It's a long story and I do not wish to go into it now (this 1000 characters thing is hard to deal with), but the name "Glock Ranger" meant something, then. Having said that, please allow me the small courtesy of using my full name. I know some folks will take offense at that. I hope you do not.

    We can be friends. A little respect will go a long way, but I don't mind combat. I will fight to defend my beliefs and if the moderators choose to deny me access, so be it.

    For the record: I am soon to be 56 years old. I am married and worked for 37 years for a company which provides telephone and internet service around the world. I enjoy hunting and fishing in God's great outdoors.

    more later....

  • steinbeck18 Feb 28, 2008

    This is a sad story. I'm sorry for the man that was killed. I'm sorry for the poor woman who ran over him (what a trauma for her- I probably would not have seen someone crawling across the road in the dark)

    But what is really strange-- when I start reading comments- I forget the reported story and sometimes feel that I walked into the 'funny farm' a lot of comments sound like bad lines from a stand-up comic--or a soap opera---or arguments of angry kids. mine own included! more entertainment than watching TV!

  • Glock Ranger Feb 28, 2008

    By the way, I am so sorry that this situation has happened. Whatever the cause of this accident, it is an awful thing for those who are involved. My sincere prayers go to those individuals. Please, forgive me if I seemed insensitive to their plight.

    That said, I will apologize for entering into this thread in full battle regalia. I am afraid that I have not been able to desensitize myself to mockery of my Father. He has done so much for me and my family and I am only thankful and completely appreciative of His mercy and grace.

    I am not perfect. I am forgiven. I should have been crawling across that highway and probably would have been except for a woman who obeyed the Master's command and reached out to me at a critical juncture in my life and showed me a better way.

    If it were not for the sacrifice of my Brother, Jesus Christ, I would be nothing more than a good person. Instead, I am a brother and a full heir to the riches of His kingdom. I owe Him more than my life.

  • ratherbnnc Feb 28, 2008

    Sure Glock! Now that was the first halfway intelligent comment you made! The other made absolutely so sense whatsoever. Sooo? Do you always have this split personality or is today just a once in a lifetime achievement???

  • Glock Ranger Feb 28, 2008

    Excuse me, but which one of you owns this forum? Which one of you is a proper judge of what is childish and what is not?

    I am an American citizen and I will exercise my right to speak on this forum in the way that best represents my views and my beliefs. If any of you have a problem with that either, don't read my posts, or get over it.

    I have read enough silly stuff to know what silly is. I am perfectly capable of conducting my business without the help from the peanut gallery.

    Now, just in case you think this is silly, I want you to know that I am deadly serious. I will continue to exercise my right and my obligation to truth. I am not into post-modern, feel good, anything goes. Right is right, wrong is wrong and I will stand for anyone who denigrates my God, my country, my family or my beliefs.

    I believe you have a right to believe what you want and that you have a right to say what you want within reason. Please allow me the same courtesy.

    MORE TO COME.....

  • Dr. Dataclerk Feb 28, 2008

    Was there a reason this man was crawling across the road?

  • Adelinthe Feb 28, 2008

    ptahandatum - Don't criticize the beliefs of others. It's divisive and serves no God/god well.

    Praying for you.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Feb 28, 2008

    Doesn't matter why or how it happened. Might've had a stroke too, ya know, or some other medical malady that hit unexpectedly.

    What really matters isn't gossip or suppositions. What really matters is that this poor person with no known address is now dead.

    No charges have been filed against the woman who hit him.

    Praying for the man's soul and for his loved ones. Poor guy!!!

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Groovy Feb 28, 2008

    Glock, ya oughta know to ignore p'datum's musings by now.

  • ratherbnnc Feb 28, 2008

    At night -- NIGHT -- someone is crawling across a busy road and is killed when struck by a car. The article states, "[i]nvestigators do not plan to file any charges against Saleeby", the driver of the vehicle.

    Why would there even be any question as to whether the driver would be charged or not? Why would the police not definitively state that no crime was committed and no charges would be filed? PERIOD. Why even give the vaguest of impressions that criminal charges COULD be pending, leaving it hanging over the driver's head for who knows how long?

    Or did the media just mess it up? Again.
    Steve Crisp

    This is only the media asking the police if any charges were going to be filed! They usually get those kinds of questions from the media.