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Man killed in Raleigh shooting

Posted August 13, 2009
Updated August 14, 2009

— One man was killed and two others injured in a shooting in the 1200 block of Angelus Drive around 9 p.m. Thursday, Raleigh Police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan said.

Curtis Edward Dow, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Maurice Muntez Griffis, 25, and Broderick Sherrod Rowland, 17, were transported to a local hospital. Their injuries were believed to be non-life-threatening, Hourigan said.

Details about the shooting have not been released.

Anyone with information should call the Raleigh Police Department's Detective Division at 919-996-3555 or Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-HELP. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for tips that help solve cases.


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  • working for deadbeats Aug 14, 2009

    The people in that neighborhood spit at police for patrolling it and doing proactive work. Now I'm sure they are furious that the police didn't do more or whatever. Drug deal gone bad. Just wait. I promise.

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    Most parents have no idea what their son or daughter is doing, where they are hanging out, drinking alcohol, beer, drugs, meth, and yes casual sex. Better get with it parents for it may be your son or daughter next who can lose their life or wind up in prison.

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    Most people would be shocked if they actually saw just a glimpse of what goes on there after dark.

    Nothing is really shocking in these days. Some parents are just not raising their children in the proper manner.

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    Why do some parents think it is OK for their sons and daughters to be out in the streets at all time of day and nights? Then want everyone to be concerned when death, crime etc. occurs. Wake up parents and be reponsible! Who is the boss in house, you or your children?

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    Well, perhaps if the officers were not so busy chasing down the creator of the Barrell Monster, they would have more time to patrol and help avoid situations like this.

    Wake-up honey, thats old news and any way no police can stop a murder. Can you? I thought so. So think before typing. :) What are you doing to encourage the young men and ladies in your life?

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    If these young people would hang around home instead of the streets they would not be dead or on their way to prison. Will they ever learn? No, they all think they are grown and don't have to listen to their parents or any adults in their life. Many learn to late as this young man did. Parents are you raising yours sons and daughter in the right way?

  • whoknew35 Aug 14, 2009

    Tuesday night I drove through that area coming home from Market Place. I friend of mine use to have a crack problem several years ago(thank goodness he has recovered). We drove through some of the areas he use to frequent. I saw 8 or 9 police cars in and around that area. I also saw women waving trying to flag any car that passes by down (you can guess service they wanted to provide), people hanging out in several of the city parks (I'm not talking about the homeless people either), and people generally walking the street. Most people would be shocked if they actually saw just a glimpse of what goes on there after dark. I don't know how young kids growing up there survive.

  • tarheelbabe Aug 14, 2009

    Why are the surviving victims names published??

  • onemejiadr Aug 14, 2009

    wow My ex boyfriends son was there! so sad!

  • tanner Aug 14, 2009

    I'm guessing Journey985 wants to be contacted every time the police are called in order to determine what crimes are worthy of an investigation. Also, this isn't Minority Report, the police can't stop murders before they happen.