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Man killed in officer-involved shooting at Sanford home

Posted December 10, 2014
Updated December 11, 2014

— A man died Wednesday afternoon after he was shot by a Sanford police officer inside a home in the 600 block of Magnolia Street.

Family members identified the victim as Travis Faison, 24.

For hours after the mid-afternoon shooting, relatives stood outside police crime scene tape awaiting any information from authorities.

"They are trying to keep it down, because the police did it," said Tyrone Bell, a cousin.

Bell said his brother was on the phone with Faison when police arrived at the home to serve a warrant. Moments later, the phone hit the ground.

"My brother says he heard one gunshot," Bell said.

Tyrese Bell, another cousin of Faison, said cops were outside the home when he arrived.

"When I got here there were three cops surrounding my house saying that they had came in here because somebody was running through the woods that they were looking for that had (committed) a robbery," he said. "When they got here they had shot my cousin dead."

Late Wednesday evening, some of Faison's family members set fire to furniture in the front yard of the home. Police and fire crews returned to the home and extinguished the fire.

Later, the same family members set fire to a wooded area across the street from Faison's home. Police and fire crews returned again, and the crowd dispersed.

"People are angry, very angry," Cedric Womack, another cousin of Faison, said.

Sanford police have not identified the officer involved, only saying the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident, which is standard in officer-involved shootings. No other information about the shooting has been released.

Family members wondered why the officer didn't use a less lethal use of force.

"It is sad the police did this behind a simple warrant," Womack said. "If it was that serious, how come you didn't tase him? What's wrong with a Taser?"


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  • Misunderstood Dec 11, 2014

    I did not know him personally but I've played basketball with him a few times. It's sad, very sad. I don't understand why a taser, mace wouldn't have worked. It's as if the officer had every intention of shooting him. "If he refuses, I'm shooting.." If he figured he'd refuse why didn't he call for backup.? This could have went down so differently. Another thing, I didn't know police could serve warrants..? I thought that was only the Sheriff's Dept..

  • well now... Dec 11, 2014

    Heres a thought...DONT BREAK THE LAW and the LAW will not bother you! White, Black, Yellow, Green, Purple. Whatever your color is. But if you live by the sword, you just might die by it as well.

  • idontthinkso5 Dec 11, 2014

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    Well said! Thats exactly what i was thinking. Stop saying "black lives matter"... I think that is racist to think that their lives only matter. Everyones life matters!!!

  • Alexia Proper Dec 11, 2014
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    My family is multi-racial. We don't break the law, don't shoot people, etc. We also don't have trouble with the police.

    This "white privilege" stuff is nonsense. The white and non-white people in my family all worked and earned what they have. And if any one of us were to fight an officer, we might get shot.

    There's nothing racial about this.

  • Workingrepublican Dec 11, 2014

    CanYouHearMeNowGood...............All lives matter...Not just BLACKS!

  • Alexia Proper Dec 11, 2014
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    How is reporting facts in any way tarnishing a reputation?

  • Bullcity34 Dec 11, 2014

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    Seriously dude? You are blind and impossible to reason with

  • Jerome Stancil Dec 11, 2014
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    You people are so brainwashed it's funny! You would be outraged if this continued to happen to people of your ethnicity, but since you live in a WHITE PRIVILEGE" world you will never understand what it's like to go thru something as this. What's even more sad is reading these comments and to know a lot of you are Teachers, Doctors and prominent people in our community with these types of thoughts and you wonder why our society can't progress as a whole! But let me guess it's not a WHITE problem? LOL ok!

  • trianglerelic Dec 11, 2014

    I wasn't there, so I'm going to hold off making any opinion until all the facts are available.
    North Carolina does have rather specific laws governing when deadly force can be used.

  • Bullcity34 Dec 11, 2014

    And the facts just keep coming in