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Man killed in Granville County home invasion; three sought

Posted April 2, 2014

— Granville County authorities were searching early Wednesday for three people who are wanted in connection with a fatal shooting and home invasion that happened at a mobile home in Oxford.

According to investigators, three people wearing masks forced their way into a home in the 2600 block of Little Mountain Creek Road at about 10 p.m.

Dominic Everett, 27, was shot and killed during the incident. A woman and young boy were also at home when the people broke in, but they were uninjured.

The people fled the home on foot after the incident.

No other information about the incident has been released, but Granville County Sheriff's Office deputies said they believe the crime is an isolated incident.

Anyone with information about the shooting should call the Granville County Sheriff's Office at 919-693-3213.


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  • mekanik911 Apr 2, 2014

    Grand Union I love your logic, no gun is better. Just let them have there way, that will solve the problem. NOW if you actually beleive that, what about sending me your address.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 2, 2014

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    With your loaded gun in your nightstand, I hope that no one else, especially children, has access to your house...ever...at all. ...no senial older neighbors, no depressed friends, no scared nieces/nephews, etc.

    Exacerbating this is the NRA’s opposition to "safe storage" laws and their curtailed development of "smart gun" technology to make the weapons childproof...which all helps lead to the 250+ children accidently shot to death every year.


  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 2, 2014

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    How would that help you in this case?

    Do you walk around your house with your gun on your belt, fully loaded & safety off? If not, there’s no way that you will have enough time to do anything when you’re sitting on your couch watching TV when 3 bad guys kick in your front door. Then, they have you and there’s another illegal gun on the streets.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 2, 2014

    Nobody should have the right to force you to have a baby or to own a gun. You do not want nor have the means to care for a child do not have one. You do not feel comfortable or know how to handle a gun safely do not have one. But this is a personal decision that should be up to each responsible adult and if the you have been convicted of a crime then sorry you were not responsible and loose your rights as should be.

  • bpegram Apr 2, 2014

    " your odds of coming out the winner the fire fight you started when going for your gun are not good. - GRAND UNION
    The home owner protecting his home and family is not the one who starts the fight, it's the one who invaded his home.

  • smdrn Apr 2, 2014

    Sorry, Grand Union. Having been an EMT and an ER RN for a long time, I am calm and level headed in total chaos. My husband is an ex-paratrooper. Having a gun to protect myself does make me safer than to not have one at all. I don't get your logic on that one.

    I have no desire to be a hero, and I hope that I never have to draw my weapon other than target practice. But if 3 men break into my house, my dogs would alert me that there are people outside, my gun is on my nightstand. And my husband's on his. We don't have children in the home, and the rest of the guns are locked up in the safe. The one in the chamber and 14 in the clip gives me better odds than a baseball bat, and I'll get at least one of them before being taken out. Like I said, I got a gun for my protection. I am an excellent shot and feel very comfortable in high pressure situations. If you choose not to get a gun for self defense, that's your business. I'm good with the choice I've made.

  • Elem-Teach Apr 2, 2014

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    Not much of a conservative with that feeling!

  • disgusted2010 Apr 2, 2014

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    I would like to ask you a serious question. What is the basis of your irrational fear/hatred of guns? Also, where do you come up with your "facts?"

  • Reggie Berryman Apr 2, 2014
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    Mandatory life sentence for home invasions and the death penalty if the homeowner is killed! Out on the streets if something happens is one thing, but when you're home you should be able to feel reasonably safe!

  • Earth Brooks Apr 2, 2014

    Did he not have a gun or did he just not have it in his hand ready to fire when the guys burst through his door?