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Man killed in Fayetteville motorcycle crash

Posted March 12, 2009

— A man riding a motorcycle was killed Wednesday afternoon in a wreck at the intersection of Owen Drive and Gillespie Street in Fayetteville, police said.

Brian Wilson, of Ramsbury Way in Wilmington, was attempting to make a right turn onto Owen Drive in his 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe when he pulled into the path of Kenneth Smith, of Woolard Drive in Hope Mills, police said.

Smith, 29, was driving a 2006 Honda motorcycle and hit the Tahoe, police said.  He was pronounced dead at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

The accident remained under investigation Wednesday evening and no charges had been filed.

Wilson was not seriously injured.


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  • Mungo Mar 12, 2009

    This guy is going to get a slap on the wrist. The trouble is someone can drive a huge SUV down the road without responsibility and without consequence.

    Plain and simple, if you initiate a traffic violation that causes a death, whether the person who dies was walking, riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, you should get charged with vehicular manslaughter.

    People today are wrapped up in these airbag equipped safety chambers they call cars and therefore they have no consequence to bad driving habits. No need to drive respectfully when no one can hurt you. Right?

    We need stiffer penalties. You'd think with the economic crisis, the LEO's would be writing more tickets with heavier fines.

  • DougWare.NET Mar 12, 2009


    Someone I ride with uses rusty bolts and nuts to do the same thing. He says "Who's to say it didn't just fall off my bike..."

  • jimmycrackcorn Mar 12, 2009


    I've heard of various variations of throwing objects at cars that are being aggresive to you. However, I would much rather just get away than get into a battle with someone. The 2+ Ton vehicle will always win over my 390 lb bike.
    People just have no respect sometimes. They would rather end someones life to save themselves 2 seconds out of their hectic day, just sad to think about.
    Motorcyclists are Mothers and Fathers, brothers and sisters and children to somebody. They are not out there to taunt or annoy anyone. Some ride for the sheer enjoyment and thrill, some ride to save money on gas and car upkeep and some ride because thats all they can afford. But they are not objects or obstacles!
    An SUV takes about as much space on the road as 4 bikes and uses about the same amount of fuel.
    Granted there are some hooligan bikers out there but Darwinism usually weeds them out in a hurry.
    To my fellow riders: Keep the shiny side up
    To car/SUV drivers: Please stay aware

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 12, 2009

    jimmycrackcorn, you could also try what a friend of mine used to do. He kept BB's in his right breast pocket and when someone got too close, he would reach over with his left hand and slyly toss them a few at a time over his shoulder. Dink! Padink! LOL

  • 68_polara Mar 12, 2009

    Just this Sunday someone pulled in to my path after slowing down but not stopping making a right turn on red at roxoburo and Milton roads in Durham. Lucky there was enough time to move over into the left lane because there certainly wasn't enough time to stop. It's madding, I mean certainly none of us are perfect drivers but with out stopping to look the quick glance is not sufficient.

  • jimmycrackcorn Mar 12, 2009

    I have to constantly dodge cars pulling in my lane, making lefts in front of me, short stopping, illegal uturns from the wrong lane...etc
    I swear some people are asleep at the wheel and only wake up when they miss their turn or decide they need to change lanes for no apparent reason.
    I like when some insane soccer mom in a minivan comes charging up on my rear tire thinking she is somehow going to knock me out of the way. I drop it down a gear or two, let the exhaust SCREAM like a Banshee and then speed off leaving them to stew in their impotence.

  • Harley Wolf Mar 12, 2009

    Thank you, parr4246! You posted the information that I was going to post. I hope that they charge him with everything that is allowed. Wilson could have kept the accident from happening if he would have simply followed the rules of the road. Would it have really been that difficult for him to make the left turn & then find a place to turn around? I have been through that intersection many times & it is NOT that difficult to do that if you find yourself in the "wrong" lane.

    My thoughts & prayers go out to the family Mr. Smith!

    To All of My Fellow Riders:
    Motorcyclist's Prayer
    O, dear Father I ask for you to watch over me as I ride from point a to b. Help all other motorists to see me clearly and help me to stay out of their way. Bring me back to my family in one-piece dear God, these things I pray. Amen

  • jkbird Mar 12, 2009

    From my days of riding, the most dangerous thing to a motorcylist is the public. Cars will treat you like a bicycle not taking the time to think that you are driving the same speed that they are. Length of time to get your full license has nothing to do with the driving public ignoring bikes and pulling in front of them. Bikes are required to run with the headlight on and in most cases pulsing. There is no excuse for this except public carelessness. This is a public education problem. I don't know if the driver of the car made a rolling right or not, but if he did then it doubles their responsibility. The right on red means to come to a full stop (at the cross hatch, not the middle of the street) and only proceed when you KNOW the way is clear. If drivers would actually obey the law and stop thinking that it applies to everyone but them, wrecks like this would not happen so often. I hope the driver of the car is cited for this wreck. The driver of the car broke the LAW.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 12, 2009

    Oblivious (or belligerent) person driving an SUV...that's almost redundant. Now everyone in this SUV driver's extended family will "thank god he was in an SUV" and rush out to get the biggest gas guzzler they can find. Sad.

    I saw a very telling statistic (wish I could find the citation) that when SUV's are involved in an accident, death is 3 times more likely. Why don't people drive station wagons (like a 5 y.o. BMW, Volvo or Mercedes)...something that doesn't roll, guzzle so much gas and cause so much destruction?

  • DougWare.NET Mar 12, 2009

    People see cars, not motorcycles....

    If you don't believe me that you only watch what you are looking for, watch this video.


    As a motorcycle rider, I've almost been hit several times by people pulling out because they didn't see me. I was also nearly run over by a woman in a car over at TW Alexander and 70. I had a protected right turn, she had a U-Turn must yield signal. But because her light had a green arrow, she swore that I was turning right on red and not yielding.

    People need to pay more attention to the road in general.