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Man injured fleeing from Fayetteville police

Posted January 4, 2011

— A man led Fayetteville police in a high-speed chase Monday evening, injuring himself and damaging vehicles and mailboxes near the intersection of Blanton Road and Pamalee Drive.

Officers spotted Brandon Stellone, 27, of Wiltshire Road, running from the Family Dollar at 3421 Murchison Road. When he sped out of the parking lot, officers followed. 

Stellone was captured about a mile away outside the Walmart Supercenter at 1550 Skibo Road.

Police were unable to determine if Stellone committed a crime at the Family Dollar, but they charged him with fleeing to elude, failure to stop for lights and sirens and careless and reckless driving. His criminal record shows a history of breaking and entering and robbery convictions, police said.

Stellone was treated in the emergency department at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for injuries sustained as he tried to flee. He was being held Tuesday in the Cumberland County Jail on $10,000 bond.

Police said they expected to file more charges for the vehicles Stellone hit in the chase.


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  • twinz1970 Jan 6, 2011

    The problem here is that WRAL didn't list all the facts of what happened. The guy stole some money from the store, and some employees ran out after him. That is what caught the officer's eye. WRAL left that part out and the fact that he was charged with stealing the money. If you read some other local news articles about the incident, they seemed to have gotten all the facts. Before you rant and rave about an article, just remember that sometimes all information isn't correct or aren't included.

  • dwr1964 Jan 5, 2011

    If you actually READ this story, it does not say anything about the cops chasing this man because he ran out of the store. They only persued him after he "sped out of the parking lot". Running to your car is not a crime but last I checked, speeding was. You guys should pay more attention before spouting off about things.

  • thepeopleschamp Jan 4, 2011

    journ, you never cease to amaze. He was captured less than a mile from where he was first seen. How much of a high speed chase could that be from one parking lot to another? You would make one fine policeman, you see a person running from a business that doesn't stop when asked to by the police, and I guess you would have just kept on whistling as he went by? You don't find that to be the least bit reasonable to think he may justify looking into further? Wow.

  • Journey985 Jan 4, 2011

    So, now it's illegal to run from a store? No proof this man did anything so they pursued him at high speeds putting the public at risk for NOTHING. I understand he has a record, but to engage in a high speed pusuit because they saw him running? What if he was late for something? Wow, glad to know we will all be safe from men running from stores. BTW, have they caught the alleged speeder that the SHP officer was "allegedly" chasing when he killed that grandmother and child? Nice to see that LEO's have not learned a thing from that tragedy!

  • Air Biscuit Jan 4, 2011


    Okay, maybe you have been the ambulance guy, but have you been on the other side of the stretcher?

    I've seen people doubled over in pain sitting in the ER waiting room while ambulance crews brought in people who were quite coherent and not in much pain...I was told by an employee that coming in on an ambulance gets you priority.

    That's where I got my info.

  • nogade Jan 4, 2011

    Now he just looks like a nice one don't he? lol...yes Danunger you're absolutley right, the JUDICIAL system once again unloads a previously convicted criminal back on the streets that we pay taxes on and what does he do??? Can't stay out of trouble! Why? Can't get a job to buy what he wants. Why? Gotta break into someone's home and steal what they have worked for. Why? It just goes on and on and on doesn't?!

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Jan 4, 2011

    Running from the police only means you will go to jail tired.

  • rayh Jan 4, 2011

    I can see him sueing them for harassment and damages if they can't find an excuse for chasing him in the first place.

  • danunger Jan 4, 2011

    Fleeing the police, crashing into cars, and the system is talking bail as if he is a trustworthy person that will not flee before his trial. The judicial system never learns.

  • Diabolical Jan 4, 2011

    Next time don't run. His own fault. If he had nothing to hide they would of let him go. Running made him look guilty. Now, he can suffer the consequences and the pain to go with it.