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Man in gunfight with Wilson police found dead

Posted August 2, 2012

— A Wilson man who fired at police officers responding to a domestic disturbance early Wednesday was found dead a short time later, police said.

Officers investigating the domestic disturbance spotted the suspect's vehicle on the side of London Church Road and started searching the area. Police said the man, who they identified as Julius Tyrone Lucas, 29, fired at officers and then ran away when an officer fired back.

Shortly after, police said, they heard a single gunshot and found Lucas dead behind a warehouse at 1719 London Church Road. No officers were injured.

The State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the shooting, which is standard procedure.


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  • SFSOLDIER Aug 3, 2012

    Glad the creep is gone! One less criminal to worry about. Even happier no one else was hurt! Great job Police! be safe!!

  • dwntwnboy Aug 3, 2012

    Sounds like he was going for a "suicide by cop" and even messed THAT up. At least it's one less crazy person with a gun on the streets- glad no officers were hurt in the process.

  • wiz Aug 3, 2012

    No sympathies from me...For him anyway...You just can't go around shooting at people...Especially at LEO's...For him to take himself out he had to be wanted for other things that he could not deal with...

    A selfish act...His family will suffer the most...

  • Coach K is still GREAT Aug 3, 2012

    One less to have to worry about for " next time"...
    Glad the officers are safe and prayers for the family of the deceased...

  • bombayrunner Aug 3, 2012

    This is America, no matter how bad things seem to be it is much worse for others around the world. Been there, americans are complacent beyond imagination.

  • leo-nc Aug 3, 2012

    Ahh yes, the conspiracy theories are just waiting to be posted... The same old ones will come out of the woodwork and talk about the police state etc. Can't wait to read it.

  • Fifteeninthemagandoneupthepipe Aug 3, 2012

    That's a shame, the world will never really know what he was truly capable of.

  • n ter tained Aug 3, 2012

    This must be where the conspiracy theory comes into play...you know, the one where the cops shot him and they make up the whole thing about having heard a single gun shot and stuff?

  • ims1924 Aug 3, 2012

    dwallace9392/ Tell us what you think happened.

  • dwallace9392 Aug 3, 2012

    Don't sound right to me. Hummmmmmmm?