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Man had dozens of bombs in Wilmington home

Posted November 1, 2013

— Wilmington police found 24 explosive devices Wednesday inside a home they described as "constructed much like a fortress with windows and doors barricaded."

Local authorities were investigating Erik Rudolph Arnebold, 37, as part of a drug investigation. That investigation led them to information that he was making bombs.

Wilmington police and representatives of the  U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives searched his home and found guns, ammunition and one explosive device in plain sight. Under a trap door in the floor, they found an additional 23 devices, according to a statement from Wilmington Police Capt. Jeff Allsbrook.

Arnebold was charged with  24 counts of having a weapon of mass destruction and one count each of possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Arnebold's bond has been set at $1.5 million, and it wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney. In a jailhouse interview, Arnebold told the StarNews of Wilmington he made the bombs out of curiosity and didn't intend to set them off.


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  • oleguy Nov 4, 2013

    "explosive devices" OR bombs ,,, There is a diff folks,, He might just be getting ready for a new years eve party,,,
    We made Big Firecrackers,, Back in the day, for July 4th and new years Eve,, and everyone for miles around expected them,,
    Make one today like those and you would be arrested

  • ginufine3011 Nov 4, 2013

    How do one receive a bail amount, with having 24 counts of weapons of mass destruction?

  • mfarmer1 Nov 4, 2013

    what's wrong with having a few bombs laying around the house?

  • RunsWithWolves Nov 1, 2013

    These guys with 'Erik' and 'Rudolph' in their names are nuts.

  • Mo Blues Nov 1, 2013

    dsalter: "Someone does not have to wear a turban to be a terrorist."

    Pure genius. If you see someone wearing a "turban" around here, he is likely a religious Sikh - some of the nicest and best people you'll ever meet. Most shemaghs and kiffeyehs are worn with traditional garb. Women have a variety of options - none of which is a "turban".

    I am retired military and still often wear my desert shamagh around my neck in winter and when out in the bush. I normally don't tie it up around my head unless it's very hot. I'm scared about running into nuts who can't distinguish head gear from motive.

  • dsalter Nov 1, 2013

    Someone does not have to wear a turban to be a terrorist. Whether domestic or foreign. Anytime someone plans to do major harm....he's a terrorist.

  • ugotbaitshop Nov 1, 2013

    One bomb=curiosity. 24=gonna do something down the road!

  • Vote for Pedro Nov 1, 2013

    Too bad he neglected to get a concealed bomb permit.

  • Vote for Pedro Nov 1, 2013

    He has already been charged is the very reason why he is and will be on DEATH ROW. Read the story.

    Death row? Maybe you should re-read the story.

  • Sweets01 Nov 1, 2013

    He is a paranoid drug addict, not a terrorist. And gun control is not the issue here either. He is a felon, the law prohibits him from owning a gun