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Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Molestation

Posted January 29, 2008

— A Pittsboro man was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison for molesting a girl a decade ago, authorities said.

Murnice Chandler, 44, was convicted on 21 counts of indecent liberties with a child and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He also was ordered to wear a Global Positioning System tracking device for the rest of his life.

The molestation occurred from 1996 to 1998, when the girl was age 8 to 10, authorities said. Chandler was a self-employed painter at the time.

Prosecutors said they were searching for others who might have information about Chandler's activities during that time.


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  • colliedave Jan 29, 2008

    For his own safety he will need to do that time in solitary confinement.

  • Godschild43 Jan 29, 2008


  • yamoms Jan 29, 2008

    Why not just take away the "tools" he used to committ the crime? Problem solved.

  • Doctor Dataclerk Jan 29, 2008

    Why not keep him in prison for life? dataclerk
    Why not keep quazy Quets in prison instead of going scott free?

  • Thinkaboutitfirst Jan 29, 2008

    He damaged some little girl for a very long time if not for life. He should be watched at all times if it were only possible since they "MUST" LET THE CREEP OUT.

  • Ready for Summer Jan 29, 2008

    This still is not enough time. He should have to serve more. What about the children and what they will have to live with and remember knowing?

  • Meandmytwo Jan 29, 2008

    This is wondreful to know that this "SICKO" have to be monitored for the rest of his natural life. That is truly music to my ears.

  • wahaka63 Jan 29, 2008

    Let's hope our lovely judicial appellate system does not overturn his conviction. My daughter was molested by her mother's boyfriend. He was arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison. We were assured he wouldn't be released early unless there would be proof of error on the judge. Well he served 11 months and we were called 2 hours before he was being released by victims assistance and there was nothing we could do. The appellate court said he should have been charged with a lesser crime as indecent liberty with a minor. He was released with time served. Only has to register as sex offender. Nothing about where he lives or etc. He now lives 2 miles from the grandparents and when I called the sheriffs dept they said nothing could be done. We couldn't even file for a restraining order. What a joke our system is!

  • cartman Jan 29, 2008

    GPS for the rest of his life??? I don't get it, why?

    I understand prison and probabtion, but GPS for the rest of his life...that seems odd. People out for murder don't get that.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 29, 2008

    Why not keep him in prison for life? Once he makes his 10 years, he will be back doing the same thing all over again. But to a different girl. Wake up Society! To much of this is happening all over the United States and it needs to be stop. So I suggest these kinds of people get LIFE IN PRISON. At least we will know where they are and not somewhere lurking after your own daughter; or somebody's daughter. WAKE UP NOW!!!!!