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Man found injured behind Raleigh bar dies

Posted November 22, 2011

— A man found injured outside a bar near Raleigh's historic Five Points neighborhood nine days ago has died, police said.

Marvin Alberto Quinonez, 29, was found injured behind Churchill's Bar, at 1622 Glenwood Ave., on Nov. 13. He died Monday.

Quinonez had been in the bar for a short time and became involved in a dispute and fight outside the bar, a police spokesman said.

Detectives have identified and found an individual involved in the fight, but no charges have been filed yet. The investigation is ongoing.


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  • kalandmpm Nov 23, 2011

    Marvin was such a wonderful person. May you rest in peace buddy!

  • bacchianm Nov 23, 2011

    WRAL sure can make things sound cupcake, when it's Raleigh. Funny how Durham gets portrayed by them along, and also the perception people of Raleigh give Durham. They guy was beat to death, bottom line. Just like that joyriding was grand theft auto. You joyride your parents car after they tell you know, but stealing keys and/or breaking into the car is theft. This guys injuries came at the hands of another person, which is assault, and now murder. Wake up people, and realize your own before bashing another race and city. We know that 5 points area comes with connections, so I'm sure that played into the title of the story. I guess be lucky, it even got reported!!

    Sounds like you are the one with the problem, not WRAL.

  • ENC-43 Nov 23, 2011

    Northerner.....maybe this will help clear it up for you.


  • tansyloya84 Nov 23, 2011

    This man that died, Marvin, just happend to be my 2 nephews uncle, and although I did not know him very well, I do know that he was a kind, noble person who would have done no harm to anyone! Whether or not the person/people responsible for this murder (beacuse like it or not, that's what it is) is caught, they will one day pay to man above for what they have done. Justice will be served one way or the other no matter what anyone thinks or what judgment is called by "authorities." And I agree with one of the previous commentors, that you should all please respect that there are family and friends of his reading your comments and should not have to read that you think there family member/friend was a "troublemaker" and maybe "deserved it", when he most certainly was not a troublemaker and definetly did not deserve to die for someone else's stupidty!!! When is this world going to stop all this violence!! It is so sad to see what this world has come to!

  • jhk0704 Nov 23, 2011

    And Besides all that this has nothing to do with Durham or Raleigh it has to do with the fact that a person in the prime of their life has now lost the rest of that life. The issue here isnt pushing racially/location motivated thoughts or beliefs or biases. I didnt even know Marvin but my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. This is a tragedy

  • jhk0704 Nov 23, 2011

    GMuny are you serious. You can not even try and act like Durham is'nt 100 times worse than Raleigh as far as crimes go. The crime rate based on the population is through the roof and Durham got the reputation that it did because it earned it. You have been spoon fed a bunch of BS by someone and your comments are both uneducated and ill informed....sweet life

  • Northerner Nov 23, 2011

    I don't usually post comments on here, but needed to say this. To all the people posting on here that the guy who did this needs to be in jail. Are you police officers, detectives or do you have any knowledge of the incident besides a blurb in the newspaper? Who's to say that the victim was not the agressor and the other person involved was protecting themself? The man found dead may have been stuck, knocked to the ground without a punch even being thrown. Hit his head on the concrete but got up like nothing happened which is a very real scenario. The person you want to convict and send to jail may have walked off not ever knowing this person was hurt. You still think they should get manslaughter or voluntary manslaughter? If you do then you have a warped sense of reality.

  • Jenb64 Nov 23, 2011

    My nephew was jumped when he walked out of a bar (in another state) and never even got a punch in. The guy broke a lot of bones in his face and my nephew had to have over $100,000 worth of reconstructive surgery and he still gets bad headaches from it. Cops did nothing because they chalked it up to a "bar fight" and told my nephew that he should be glad the guy didn't have a gun because he was known to carry one.

    Sorry, it doesn't matter what causes the fight (if it was a two-sided fight). One person ends up with serious injuries or dies, the other person should be charged with no less that manslaughter (and not voluntary manslaughter, imho).

  • jsok123 Nov 23, 2011

    A friend of mine back in my high school days was killed in a fight outside Mitch's Tavern on Hillsborough St MANY years ago.
    We both went to Broughton High. It was just a stupid fist fight, he fell and hit his head on the concrete and died. The other guy went to jail.

  • jsok123 Nov 23, 2011

    Does anyone know this person who has passed on?