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Man Found in Crashed Car Had Been Shot

Posted June 11, 2007

— Police said Monday that man found in a car following a crash on Glascock Street had been shot and that the Major crimes Task Force was investigating his death.

Officers found Damarkos Eugene-Alan Thorpe, 30, in the car, which had hit a utility pole, about 2:30 a.m. Sunday. He died later at WakeMed.

Thorpe, of Raleigh, was alone when police found him near the intersection of Brighton Road, a department spokesman said.

Police asked that anyone with information about Thorpe or the shooting call detectives at 919-890-3555 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME (2746).


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  • MAD MOMMY Jun 13, 2007


  • kim king Jun 12, 2007

    which tiffnie is this

  • MAD MOMMY Jun 12, 2007

    Ain't everyone tired of this? Do anybody besides me realize that we also have boys and girls that have to grow and learn from us. What ever happen to throwing dem hands up? Why to a gun suppose to solve anything? It hasn't and it never will. Why do the good die young? I am so scared for my son generation. It worries me to death that the world has become so violent. This gang mess is really getting on my nerves too. We can't have fun anymore, because by the end of the day someone is hurt or gone. Now this poor man daughter and stepson will be without a father figure in their precious lives. This needs to stop, because we are only hurting ourselves. No its not a race thing. Its a people thing and we are suppose to be as one. We are suppose to help each other not hurt them or killed them. We are do ignore all negative vibes and make postive ones. We are here for our children.But our children will soon have no one to look up to.

  • kim king Jun 12, 2007

    hey stacy, we have lost alot of our classmates and to poo's mom I am so sorry for what you are going through. I know words don't help at this point, but trust GOD and it will be okay. I have been through this and I know that gods will is not always our will but it has a purpose.

  • thehitman Jun 12, 2007

    For the people that did not know Damarkos (aka Poo)he was a good kind sweet hearted person, that didn't like violence, so it would be nice to only say what you know good about him, or if you don't know him at all, say nothing

    Be considerate and have remorse for his family

    Signed***Lil Boody**

  • Greyhound_Girl Jun 12, 2007

    "for those that post who say " the story i heard", should relay any pertinent information to the raleigh police department and not here..."
    I SWEAR FO GOD -- I was posting the information because of the comments posted by others, so they might stop 'bashing' this poor man. The whole story has not been given by WRAL; probably because the police are still investigating. The information I have was relayed to me through friends of mine at his mother's workplace (I used to work with her). Again, I was just trying to help people "back off" the thug comments.

    As I heard it, he was walking away from a situation, which is the preferred method of diffusing it, and unfortunately, the thug that shot him was doing what thugs do all to well, now-a-days.

    I am so sad for her, she is a very caring and wonderful person.

  • stacyfarley Jun 12, 2007

    I went to school with Mr. Thrope, and even had brief encounters with him. Throughout the years I have watched most of my peers from his group of friends become thugs (not all, but most). Most of us grew up with good up bringings, and a lot of love from our families. But as we all know the older you become you then decide your very own fate. I use to see him from time to time hanging over in Raleigh North in the Food Lion shopping center and would speak to him. It's always sad for a mother to lose her child. I have read all comments posted, and became ashamed at how foolish those of you who knew him let others who knew nothing about him upset you. I lost a relative some time ago to a shooting, and he was only 15. The hurt it caused was something I would never want another human being to go through. No one can change this outcome. Pray for his family, and all those who have lost their loved ones by someone else chosing their fate. Understand GOD makes no mistakes at who he calls home!

  • crazymom501 Jun 12, 2007

    I know my husband works for the power company and they would start working then have to stop for CCBI then work then stop it was a long day for him!!!!!!!!!!

  • thehitman Jun 12, 2007

    To Poo's Mom:

    The will of God did not take Poo where the Grace of God want protect him. There are illusions that were sent from the enemy to kill your spirit. Steal your joy and destory your faith. For God is all there is, all else is a lie. So give yourself a hug and wipe your tears away, and walk in victory!!! For raising a good boy that have loved, still love and always loved you.

    RIP...Poo ***Lil Boody and Raligh North****

  • I SWEAR FO GOD Jun 12, 2007

    for those that post who say " the story i heard", should relay any pertinent information to the raleigh police department and not here. it seems to me that a certain segment of the population knows the only solution to a dispute is with a firearm, be it at black tie or the waffle house.