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Man fires gun inside Fayetteville bowling alley

Posted November 19, 2008

— A man shot himself in the hand and slightly injured several other people Tuesday evening inside a Fayetteville bowling alley.

It happened just before 11 p.m. at the B & B Bowling Lanes at 3003 Fort Bragg Road.

Police said the man was playing with a gun when it went off. He was shot in the hand. The bullet also grazed a woman’s arm, a man’s leg and another person’s back, police said.

The shooter tried to run out of the facility when the gun went off, police said.

No additional information was immediately available.


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  • runny29840 Nov 19, 2008

    "People like this guy give gun owners a bad name. He obviously has no idea how to properly handle a firearm."

    or when to not handle it at all.

  • dwntwnboy Nov 19, 2008

    Who knew Yosemite Sam bowled? LOL

  • Justin T. Nov 19, 2008

    clintoflannagan - don't paint me as naive, my friend. I am quite certain of many places I can go without my pistol.

    I think you caught yourself in your own web with your comment, anyway. You start by saying you never know... so you carry it everywhere... then correct that by saying "except where it is illegal".

    Which is practically everywhere. You can't carry in the mall, the movies, gas stations, the football game, a concert, etc. to infinity.

    I stand by my original post. I avoid places where drunks and thugs hang out at night and don't need my pistol.

  • SargeDaMan Nov 19, 2008

    People like this guy give gun owners a bad name. He obviously has no idea how to properly handle a firearm.

  • bnice1984 Nov 19, 2008

    "this isn't 'Nam Smokey, there are rules here. you mark that 8 and you'll be entering a world of pain."

  • clintoflannagan Nov 19, 2008

    Anyone who asks "Why would you carry a gun" to any location is dangerously naive. Anything can happen anywhere or any time. If I could predict when and where I would actually need a gun I wouldn't go to that place at that time to begin with. Since I can't predict when and where I may need a gun, I chose to exercise my right to carry a gun (unless it is illegal to carry where I am going. Although I have a valid conceal carry permit, I do not carry where I'm not allowed to) in case the you know what hits the fan.

  • What The Deuce Nov 19, 2008

    There about 30 Big Lebowski jokes here.

  • ncfairway Nov 19, 2008

    OVER THE LINE SMOKEY! Am I the only one who pays attention to the rules around here?

    Mark it zero, Dude.

  • Justin T. Nov 19, 2008

    "Why would you carry a gun to a bowling alley". Because some bad bowling alleys are like bad pool halls; they attract a rough crowd of drunks.

    I personally wouldn't go anywhere unsafe for my entertainment. Basically if I have to question whether or not to bring my gun... I'll go somewhere else.

    On a positive note... most bowling alleys are very tame these days. No alcohol or smoking allowed in most I've been to.

  • MadBiker Nov 19, 2008

    Note to self: When drinking at bowling alley, leave gun at home!