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Man dies after Moore Square food give-away stabbing

Posted March 6, 2011

— A Raleigh couple feeding the homeless helped a man who was stabbed in Moore Square in downtown Sunday morning. He died at WakeMed Sunday afternoon.

Police said that Eric Lee Jackson, 52, was waiting in line for free coffee and biscuits when Leonard Coleman, 62, stabbed him.

The couple said they rushed to help the victim and grabbed the knife that had fallen on the ground during the struggle.

"We pulled that away from him, so no more stabbings occurred," volunteer Greg Clark said.

He said that another volunteer tackled the suspect and held him down until police arrived, while they tended to the victim.

"911 was called, and then we applied pressure to the gentleman's wound," Clark said.

Coleman was charged with murder and is being held in the Wake County jail.

Police said that Jackson and Coleman were involved in an altercation earlier.


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  • antares911 Mar 9, 2011

    nosuchmiracles, I worked as a medic in Downtown Raleigh for five years and I ran many bad calls out of Moore Square, including stabbings and shootings. Maybe you should watch what you say because there are people out there who know more about the area than you do.

  • nosuchmiracles Mar 8, 2011

    To say Moore Square is dangerous is laughable. Oh no, there's homeless people! Seriously, you all must live in some fantasy world or out in the sticks - stay there, thats where you belong.

  • ccs1920 Mar 7, 2011

    There are very few places that you can go to get away from people like this. Looking at the latest census numbers makes me believe that it's going to get worse.

  • blahblahblah Mar 7, 2011

    The Salvation Army is directly across the street from Moore Square and the Rescue Mission is right around the corner, so who do you think is going to hang out in Moore Square? You can plow down the trees and pave it over but that doesn't get rid of the homeless people who "live" there. They'll just move on to the next available location.

  • lets_b_real79 Mar 7, 2011

    Easy to say close the bus depot or close downtown when you aren't the ones that have to use it. Some people don't have another way. And what would you do? Cage all the homeless people? Kill them off? Or maybe ship them to an island somewhere? Come on guys...

  • exposure102 Mar 7, 2011

    Raleigh really needs to do something about "Bum Square" and the criminal transportation system, I mean, bus depot needs to be closed.

  • WLDPIG Mar 7, 2011


  • say it isnt so Mar 7, 2011

    No one has to walk through the park to get to the kids museum, if they dont want to. Being aware of your surroundings is always important. Besides, it doesn't sound like this stabbing was random.

  • Dark of the Moon Mar 7, 2011

    Yes, it can be scary to go to into the big city because something might happen someday. You could choose not to ever take your children to Marbles again, or ever walk past/through Moore Square. I personally cannot live like that.



    I have No interest in anything in the city, except for a restaurant or two every few months. I am not missing anything. My interests are golf, fishing, hiking, biking and my yard.

    I prefer living in the country. When I do go into the city, it is NO WHERE NEAR a place as dangerous as Moore Square.

    Charlton Dude

  • workingforthosethatwont Mar 7, 2011

    moore square park is a sess pool even during the day you get hassled for money. i work at a bar across the street and i carry a taser with me. there are bums all over and they are a constant headache, we are constantly chasing them off for begging from our customers, it is a real problem. the bus stop/station that is right there is no help either. moore square park needs to be paved and turned into a parking lot, it is a waste of precious downtown real estate that would serve the city better at $4 a space to park then the mess that is there now.

    I agree with what he said! but the bleeding heart liberals feel better when they run down there and give away a free sandwich and run back home to their little neighborhood. As long as this kind of place is far away from their house they like it.