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Man Charged With Trying to Kill Woman

Posted March 25, 2008

— A Roanoke Rapids man was arrested Monday on charges that he tried to kill a woman, authorities said.

Paul Faulkner was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and two counts of communicating threats. He was being held without bond in the Halifax County Jail.

Faulkner's father flagged down a deputy outside Halifax Regional Medical Center and reported that a woman had been assaulted in the Colonial Drive neighborhood of Roanoke Rapids and was being treated at the hospital, authorities said.

The woman told the deputy that she had been stabbed in the arm and head, held at knifepoint, kicked, punched and sexually assaulted. The woman also said her assailant used a hunting knife to cut off part of her hair, authorities said.


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  • Commentor5 Mar 25, 2008

    JustAcceptIt "unny how information gets left out from one news source to another."

    Here's your answer: this is WRAL - the 'sensationalizing' news deliverer!

  • WhatYaGonnaDoNow Mar 25, 2008

    Here is the full story from the Roanoke Rapids news paper. Funny how information gets left out from one news source to another.


  • doubletrouble Mar 25, 2008

    Could it be that the woman, is actually the "Dad's" girlfriend, and thus...was assaulted by the son?

  • Glass Half Full Mar 25, 2008

    From the Dept. of Corrections website, it looks like he's no stranger to the law or prison. Maybe they'll understand that he needs to be kept locked up. Next time it probably will be murder. He's got a violent history.

  • dh1964 Mar 25, 2008

    "I went to grade school with this guy!!! Glad we didn't become friends!!!"

    Maybe if you had, he wouldn't have grown up to be an attempted murderer... (alleged).

  • Demented Mar 25, 2008

    If a person is convicted of attempted murder, punishment should be the exact same punishment as if convicted of murder. Otherwise, it's like getting extra credit for being a failure.

  • dh1964 Mar 25, 2008

    "If this beast commits another crime while out on bond, the bonding judge should be charged as an accessory to the crime."

    Umm, the story says that he's being held without bond. Let's hold the "sky is falling" stuff until it actually begins to fall.

  • EricaSliver Mar 25, 2008

    OMG! I went to grade school with this guy!!! Glad we didn't become friends!!!

  • wdkanesfan Mar 25, 2008

    Sounds like the Dad took his son's girlfriend to the hospital after finding that she had been assaulted by his son. At least he did the right thing. Maybe WRAL should do some research on Faulkner....any previous convictions....etc.

  • bitemedoughboy Mar 25, 2008

    " Is WRAL's reporting getting more and more confusing or am I just having a bad day? "

    no you're not having a bad day....the way this story was written made no sense, and was very confusing...maybe he should be sentenced to read these stories, that and 40 years ought to be enough...