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Man charged with trafficking $720K of heroin

Posted August 25, 2010

— Sampson County deputies say they caught a 59-year-old Wilmington man trafficking $720,000 worth of heroin along Interstate 40.

Raphael Walters Rogers was arrested after a traffic stop at mile marker 351 in Clinton Monday.

Deputies said they found 9.1 pounds of heroin in a suitcase in the Dodge Stratus in which he was riding. There were 12,000 dosage units of heroin, worth about $60 a piece, investigators said.

"This is one of the largest heroin seizures in southeastern North Carolina," Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said in a release. "I'm just thankful we were able to prevent this highly dangerous drug from hitting the streets and causing harm to someone."

Rogers was charged with trafficking heroin by possession and trafficking heroin by transport. He was placed in the Sampson County Detention Center under a $250,000 bond. His first court date was set for Sept. 3.

Investigators said they determined that the driver, Sherri Michelle Gore, did not know about the suitcase's contents. She was cited for driving with a revoked license and an expired registration.

State Department of Correction records show that Rogers finished a three-month jail sentence and went on probation in June for a felony drug possession conviction. He served a six-year prison sentence in the 1990s for drug-trafficking convictions.

DOC records state that his criminal record dates to 1977 and also includes a firearms conviction in New York and a drug conviction in New Jersey.


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  • jhilfiker2001 Aug 25, 2010

    that woman just got him locked up for a long time

  • twc Aug 25, 2010

    Illegal possession of drugs of this nature should be considered an act of terrorism!

  • luckys313 Aug 25, 2010

    Why would you be carrying that much smack in a car with expired tags and then have a driver thats revoked as well. STUPID but hey Good Job to the cops. Yes expired tags are a tell tale sign of no license or inspection ect.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    This still did not stop all the drug dealers. There are more.

  • rfarrell Aug 25, 2010

    Agree, why is the bond so low? Could be it's Clinton and not Durham as usual!

  • warrcorick Aug 25, 2010

    I see the reason there are'nt any comments. Write your own.

  • applesmith Aug 25, 2010

    Classic case of someone else got caught and told what this guy was doing. Out of all the cars going up and down the road with invalid registrations they just stopped this one. Can you say informant!!!!!!!!!

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    Seems like its harder and harder to stop the drugs from coming into out community. The sheriff's, and police departments need to step up.

  • cth1 Aug 25, 2010

    Glad this guy is off the streets for a while!! Good job Sampson County!!

  • twc Aug 25, 2010

    Why is the bond so low? It should be at least what the value of his cargo was.

    These kind of dealers need to be made an example of!!!!!!!!!!!!!11