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Man charged with taking brothers from day care

Posted May 28, 2010

— A Wilson man was arrested Thursday on charges he abducted two young brothers from a local day care center, police said.

Reginald Wilson, 27, of 1100 E. Vance St., was charged with two counts of abduction of children and was being held Friday in the Wilson County Jail under a $20,000 bond.

Police responded to Kidstown Child Care and Learning Center, at 301 S. Tarboro St., at about 3 p.m. Thursday in reference to a child abduction. Investigators determined that a man went into the facility and left with two brothers, ages 3 and 4.

Officers found Wilson and the boys in the area of Lamm Park and Coleman Street, police said. The boys were returned to their parents unharmed.

Police said Wilson knows the boys' parents but isn't related to them.


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  • chance May 28, 2010

    $20,000 bond for abducting two children? What's wrong with this picture?????

  • killing_me_softly May 28, 2010

    Please do not tell me that these children were targeted to pay off yet another stupid, sick debt.

  • Ladybug1 May 28, 2010

    hum....makes you wonder. He knows the parents? Did they owe him for something?

  • Jax is proud to be an American May 28, 2010

    I couldnt imagne how the parents of these children felt. I have a 4 year old. I would be sick to my stomach if this were me. I am thankful they were returned to their parents safely.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness May 28, 2010

    Um, they should do their best to protect the children and keep them in the daycare. Not let some stranger who could be a pedophile take them out and THEN call the cops. If anyone can come in and take your child, what good is putting them in a daycare? They are supposed to be there to get care and also secure their safety.

  • morebadnews May 28, 2010

    AUSERN, MOMMYAGAIN, AND JAT...fist of all, no all daycares do not have codes or passwords to get in. Second, who is to say the teachers allowed the children to leave with this man. May be he just walked and and left with them. Would you rather they fight or chase this man while leaving or putting the other children in danger or should they call police and let them handle it? You all must remember in this story as well as many otehr we do not have all the facts.

  • kittiboo May 28, 2010

    If those were my kids, $20,000 bond would be about a million too little.
    Glad the kids were found. Wonder if there's more to this story.

  • nandud May 28, 2010

    Thanks, Rev. RB. I've worked in childcare for 18 years. If a person becomes belligerent and/or violent, our policy is to let him leave and then call the police. From this article, we don't know if there was any intervention from the staff or attempt to stop this fellow. It's probably safer that they didn't. Let the cops do their jobs.

  • Adelinthe May 28, 2010

    "hmmmm...I'm predicting a major attendance drop after that mistake!"


    Few daycares have bulky guards that can actually stop someone from taking a child.

    God bless.


  • mulecitybabe May 28, 2010

    hmmmm...I'm predicting a major attendance drop after that mistake!

    Not necessarily. Some people don't have a choice, and some don't care.