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Man charged with sex crimes against teen

Posted March 4, 2010

— A 37-year-old Fayetteville man was arrested Thursday morning on sex charges involving a 15-year-old girl, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Willie Roman Futrell, of 4745 Friar Ave., faces charges of statutory rape, statutory sex offense and crimes against nature.

Detectives said that Futrell took the victim to a hotel and engaged in sexual acts with her.

He was being held in the Cumberland County Jail Thursday under a $150,000 secured bond. His first court appearance was set for Thursday afternoon.

Futrell was sentenced to probation in 2007 after being convicted of assault by strangulation, assault on a female, committing false imprisonment and communicating threats, according to state Department of Correction records.


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  • OSX Mar 4, 2010

    dare107... There is some kind of issue with this child but we don't know what. I would bet my paycheck this isn't the first time she has had sex. So yes, there is some kind of an issue at home if she is having sex at 15.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Mar 4, 2010

    err, that would be 'i posted TWO responses already'. sorry about the typo. when one spends time to articulate their thoughts and reasoning only to have the post stuck in mod-land, one lacks the patience it takes to check for spelling errors eventually. LOL

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Mar 4, 2010

    im not quite sure why my posts keep getting stuck in the mod-filter. ive posted to responses already, indicating that i am fully aware of the legal definition of statutory rape. apparently the golo mods dont like my stance that the charge is archaic, that a 15 year old girl who is old enough to work and reproduce is also old enough to consent to sex.

    if he raped her against her will, he would have had different charges brought upon him. he was charged with statutory rape, implying that she was a willing participant.

    so if she illegally consented to sex with this man, will charges be brought upon her as well?

  • NC Reader Mar 4, 2010

    Mileage -- No, statutory rape is when a person over a certain age and a certain number of years older than a minor has sex with that minor. It does not require force or weapons, and the victim's "willingness" is irrelevant. Anyone who is 37 and having sex with a 15 year old, no matter what her level of interest was, is extremely sick. HE is the guilty party, not her. She may have been "willing," but we have age of consent laws for a reason. And yes, I would say the same thing if it happened between a woman and a boy.

  • dare107 Mar 4, 2010

    You people are clueless statutory rape is when the child can not give consent because of the age and lack of judgement! And what kinda of comment is it she should have been home or doing homework???? He had ought to have enough control not to have sex with someone that young!! That was a stupid comment "HappyHeart"??????

  • so you dont like my opinion ok Mar 4, 2010

    Maybe the darling little girl should have been at school or home doing homework instead of out having sex with this dude...

    Yep I agree, maybe she and her parents should be looked at....

  • PepperPoo Mar 4, 2010

    what constitutes a crime against nature? i apologize if thats a dumb question.

  • leo-nc Mar 4, 2010

    Go figure, he was on probation. This nightmare will continue to play out forever, over and over again until we REALLY decide to do something about it and hold criminals accountable instead of blaming everyone else.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Mar 4, 2010

    statutory rape...that's when the minor was a willing participant, right? so we've got a 15 year old girl out knockin' boots with a 37 year old man....and we wonder why there is an 'achievement gap'. Maybe the darling little girl should have been at school or home doing homework instead of out having sex with this dude...

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Mar 4, 2010

    Nice... This guy needs to go away for a long, long time...