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Man charged with molesting 3-year-old

Posted February 15, 2010

— The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office has charged a 24-year-old Fayetteville man with sexually molesting a 3-year-old child.

Anthony Kristopher Anderson, of 2322 Ireland Drive, was charged with first-degree statutory sex offense, taking indecent liberties with a minor, child abuse and crimes against nature.

Investigators said the alleged offenses occurred between February and November 2009.

Anderson was being held in the Cumberland County Jail Monday under a $170,000 bond. He was scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon.


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  • Myra Feb 16, 2010

    You can log onto the NC DOJ website for sex offenders and request email advisory when an offender moves into your zip code. No one should ever let their little child be alone, not even for a minute. Meet their school bus; stay with them until they are on the bus; watch them at all times. The ever growing number of sex offenders in schools in concerning, teach your children to inform you of anything uncomfortable. The NC AG proclaims to be protecting our children from predators, but it does not appear to be so. Now we are informed NC is a PRIME destination for child-human sex trafficking. One media story and poof, it went away. This is serious stuff.

  • Vietnam Vet Feb 15, 2010

    When are folks going to stop accepting this behavior and boo hooing his poor misguided childhood? This guy should never see the light of day again. Inappropriate behavior with adults are one thing...children are another matter entirely!!

  • samiam1244 Feb 15, 2010

    I hope the baby is ok.. and this monster that did this to her should be put under the jail house never to see the light of day. because we all know the court system wont do anything that is why these child molesters are out doing their dirty work all the time. it's on the news every day. child molesters living in just about every neighborhood in the country..

  • Adelinthe Feb 15, 2010

    Hi Killian -

    I always have that link running and the one from the State of NC too. I get an email whenever a crime is reported within a 5 mile radius of my home; I like that and suggest everyone does it.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Feb 15, 2010


    Mothers!?! Mothers?!?

    What about the fathers of these children!?!

    Why do some of you always give the fathers an easy way out!?!

    They're responsible for the welfare of their children too.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Feb 15, 2010

    "molesters were themselves abused as children..."

    Not ALL of them.

    Some molesters are lazy predators looking for an easy mark.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Feb 15, 2010

    hollylama - "There are actually red flags the child will give that something bad is taking place. Children may start to act out, they may start wetting the bed, and they'll also be adverse to being with or around their abuser."


    "Unfortunately parents don't always make the connections."

    And some parents are dumb as stumps.

    Praying for this poor little child.

    Thank God a bond that makes sense - $170,000, although in child sex offenses, a million would make even MORE sense because it would be unwieldy enough to keep most predators behind bars, thus protecting children while they're in there.

    God bless.


  • hollylama Feb 15, 2010

    The amount of childhood sexual abuse that takes place in Fayetteville really needs to be evaluated and obviously more needs to be done to educate the community, particularly young mothers. There are actually red flags the child will give that something bad is taking place. Children may start to act out, they may start wetting the bed, and they'll also be adverse to being with or around their abuser. Unfortunately parents don't always make the connections.

  • Killian Feb 15, 2010

    Myra -- You can check your address on a national level here: http://www.familywatchdog.us/ or in NC here: http://sexoffender.ncdoj.gov/search.aspx

    Anyone who isn't aware of their surroundings should become that way. It doesn't take more than a minute or two to run your address, your daycare, your elementary school, through the database.

    That said, most allegations of abuse or molestation come against someone who knows the victim. Awareness of the people in your life that come in contact with your kids is even more important.

  • alidani_sanders Feb 15, 2010

    It's sad to think that I person convicted of selling drugs can get a stiffer prison sentence than a sexual predator or murderer.