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Man charged with killing teen in I-40 wreck

Posted June 26, 2011

— Raleigh police have charged a 19-year-old man with causing a wreck on Interstate 40 Saturday afternoon that killed a Randolph County teenager.

Police said that Marcus Xavier Bridges tried to merge from Interstate 440 into a left lane of I-40 East already occupied by a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu.

The Chevrolet driver swerved right to avoid hitting him and lost control of the car, sending it across two lanes of traffic into a tree off the right shoulder.

Morgan McKenzie, 17, who was riding in the back seat of the Chevrolet, died of her injuries. Emily McKenzie, 23, who was driving, and her passenger, Donella McKenzie, 49, were taken to WakeMed.

Bridges drove away without stopping, but officers tracked him down, police said.

He was charged with felony hit and run, misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and unsafe lane change.

Morgan McKenzie would have been a senior at Wheatmore High School in Trinity this fall, according to a Facebook memorial page created for her.


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  • damnyank Jun 29, 2011

    if he was close enough for someone to catch his license plate. i'm sure he was close enough to realize that he had caused an accident. i am so glad to see these charges. maybe people will start paying attention to where they are supposed to be driving, and if you're in the wrong lane and you can't get over without hitting or almost hitting someone then you need to keep going straight, get off on the next exit and turn around.

  • Ihatexray Jun 28, 2011

    I know there are a lot of comments here, but I just don't understand these charges. First of all, he DIDN'T hit her car, so how is it felony hit and run? by the time she went across 2 lanes and off the highway, he probably had no idea she crashed. If he cut in front of her and she would have rear ended him it would have been at best a no-fault accident, and probably the fault of the car in the rear for not slowing down. Drunk-drivers who kill people don't get charged this harshly in NC. I'm sorry for the family, I really am. I pray for them and I can't imagine their loss, but if everyone who cut me off on a highway got charged for it, there would be no drivers left on the road.

  • abylelab -BT- Jun 27, 2011

    and it's funny that you can say "sucky" on golo but not the word that i wanted to say which is way less "offensive"

  • abylelab -BT- Jun 27, 2011

    its sucky any way its sliced

  • Xiaoding Jun 27, 2011

    "Clarification. Allot of you are not understanding what happened. The article says that Mr. bridges was on one of the two left lanes that continue on to I-440 and then suddenly swerved to the right so he could get into one of the lanes that break off onto I-40. "

    No, the article does NOT say that. The article is garbage, and the N&O also contains garbage.

    Further, the article states that the victims car went through two lanes of traffic, when it could only have gone through one, if your desciption was correct.

  • fayelcox Jun 27, 2011

    My prayers are with both families.May God strengthen each of you and comfort each of you.

  • Pseudonym Jun 27, 2011


    WRAL needs to hire you as one of their web editors, as your description is VASTLY superior to what's in the article.

    Having said that, there are 2 lanes continuing on I-40 east and a very wide, Interstate-standard shoulder. I can understand her panicking when he made a last-minute decision to take I-40 east, but it sounds like she had an entire lane, PLUS an additional 12 feet of pavement in the shoulder to let him on. Again, honk to to let him now you're there, raise a finger to make yourself feel better, move over to the shoulder and slow down, then continue on your way.

  • mikeyj Jun 27, 2011

    I don't see how they can charge him? He didn't loose control of her vehicle, she did..I work for a living. It is merging traffic that has to yeild to "oncoming" traffic". He obviously did not and some concerned motorist gave law the license plate.

  • Xiaoding Jun 27, 2011

    There is no left merge onto 40 east from 440.

    Almost none of these chrages will stick. Unsafe lane change, maybe. Felony hit an run requires intent, the driver may not have been aware of the accident.

  • IzzMad2016 Jun 27, 2011

    The sad and deadly consequence when a selfish and irresponsible driver pushes his way into traffic instead of merging safely. I hope he gets the harshest punishment possible. Sympathies to the family and friends who lost a loved one.