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Man charged in wreck that killed Whitakers woman

Posted January 25, 2012

— A man was charged in connection with a car crash that killed a Whitakers woman and injured her two children over the weekend.

Apolonio Lopez-Acevedo, 46, is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving without a license.

Investigators said Lopez-Acevedo was turning left onto Thomas A. Betts Parkway when his vehicle collided with one driven by Kimberly Hoyle, 39, on Benvenue Road in Rocky Mount around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. 

Hoyle died from her injuries at Nash Health Care. Her children, Daniel Christopher Hoyle, 19, and Kelly Hoyle, 17, were passengers in the car.

Daniel Hoyle was not seriously injured. Kelly Hoyle was listed in good condition at Wake Medical Center on Monday.

Police have also charged the owner of the vehicle Lopez-Acevedo was driving, Juan Carlos Gomez-Acevedo, 36, with permitting an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle.


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  • Lightfoot3 Jan 31, 2012

    "He murdered this woman..." - rockman55

    "Yes, that is MURDER." - just my2cents

    No, this isn't murder. It doesn't meet the legal definition of murder and I don't want to dilute our murder laws by trying to attach this case to it. However, given the mitigating circumstances, I think the punishment should be much, much more harsh than he would get by the current charges. Some of our death by vehicle laws need to be updated.

    And if there REALLY is an overwhelming percentage of Mexicans driving without licenses, I have no problem with racial profiling to verify they are legal to drive.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jan 25, 2012

    Classifried...Oh yeah, you're defending. You got a dog in this fight somehow. Probably don't want to know. Sad.

  • Red Green Jan 25, 2012

    rockbrain55 - Not defending anyone chief. Just pointing out your half-wit comment. Just because someone kills someone with an automobile doesn’t make that automobile a weapon. It might be deadly but unless this was premeditated it’s not a weapon and it was not murder. Get a clue.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jan 25, 2012

    @ Classified...No dweeb, I'm saying that he took a deadly weapon illegally and murdered an innocent who probably would not have died that day without his actions. If you're trying to defend him, don't explain it to me. Explain it to the family that no longer has a wife and mother.

  • fishon Jan 25, 2012

    I think a licenses card swipe installed in an automobile (like DWI offenders blowing apparatus) might do the trick! LOL.

    Sure, that will prevent the owner from using his own DL to swipe and loan the car, NOT.

  • just my2cents Jan 25, 2012

    Get rid of the racial profiling B S and let LEOs pull those who are known for not having licenses and get those who don't off the road. If you are legal, it should not bother you to be stopped....stop me anytime. If it will keep us safer, I am all for it! This guy knowingly got into a car that he knew he was not licensed to drive (nor properly trained) and drove. In return, he took a mother from her children. Yes, that is MURDER. Just like a gun to the head. He willingly and knowingly committed an act that led to the death of another.

  • bngexpress Jan 25, 2012

    the criminal immigrant population do not want a ncdl , it's another means of identification , and the current administration will not act on the criminal immigrant problem because they need them as a prospective voter pool when the feds give them amnesty. it truly sad the people have to die because our govt refuses to protect their taxpaying citizens.

  • Red Green Jan 25, 2012

    "He murdered this woman as much as if he had put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger."

    So your saying that he waited for the vehicle to get close enough and THEN pulled out in front of it to purposely cause this accident?

  • TakingBack Jan 25, 2012

    Yes many many illegals do not have drivers licenses, but obviously they drive regardless, as do many other US Citizens. What should Bev do maybelle? Make it a law that unlicensed people can not lawfully operate a motor vehicle? Lock them up when caught? Those punishments are already in place. I think a licenses card swipe installed in an automobile (like DWI offenders blowing apparatus) might do the trick! LOL.

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 25, 2012

    Since he didn't have a license this really should be at least be up dated to Manslaughter.