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Man charged in Wake slaying now charged in Durham homicide

Posted March 8, 2013

— A man in the Wake County jail awaiting a murder trial was charged Friday in a 2011 homicide in Durham, police said.

Miguel Antonio Meza-Rodriguez, 22, of Durham, was charged with murder in the death of Orlando Martinez.

Martinez, 32, was found shot to death outside an apartment building in the 600 block of Hardee Street on July 5, 2011. Investigators said the shooting apparently occurred during an altercation.

Police didn't say what evidence linked Meza-Rodriguez to the crime.

The arrest warrant was served on him in the Wake County jail, where he has been held since July 21, 2011, on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

He is one of seven people charged with the shooting death of Santiago Hernandez-Arredondo, 44, of Durham, outside a vacant house off N.C. Highway 98 in northern Wake County on July 17, 2011.


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  • beach2011 Mar 11, 2013

    Thank you CraftyMo I TOTALLY AGREE

  • ims1924 Mar 8, 2013

    Physius1/ You're correct when you say that crime is spreading. We can thank SECTION 8 housing for this.

  • westernwake1 Mar 8, 2013

    "1/5th of CHs crime is from residents of Durham and the rest is from....CH residents... Its 20%..." - Phyxius1

    So it's acceptable that 20% of the violent crime in Chapel Hill is sourced from Durham? Most people believe this is quite unacceptable.

    Similarly Cary has the same problem with spill-over crime from Durham. Cary's only recent murder and most of our violent crimes are associated with suspects from Durham.

    It is time to stop denying the issue exists and for the governments & police to take proactive steps to address it.

  • pm2 Mar 8, 2013

    We cannot deport them per executive order...when did the executive office start have the power to trump US law?

  • CraftyMo Mar 8, 2013

    It is disturbing that people want to make this a Durham issue instead of addressing the real issue. We have way too many people in the US that are here illegally. They don't have to live by the same rules that we do. They don't have to pay taxes, they can get food stamps, free health care, housing assistance all the things that a person born in the US has to fight tooth and nail to receive. Try sneaking into any another country illegally and you can be shot, imprisoned or worse. Our country needs to try worrying about their own and send the rest back to where they came from. Guess who will be paying for the defense of this killer? We will, our tax dollars at work for the good of the US citizens - not. Don't care if I sound racist - I am not - just tired of people taking advantage of our Country and our legal citizens. Move here legally and I will help unload the truck - otherwise turn people back from entering our country. We have more than enough already!

  • Phyxius1 Mar 8, 2013

    Westernwake...Read the article again....1/5th of CHs crime is from residents of Durham and the rest is from....CH residents... Its 20% or less.... Its an adjoining county and expected seeing Durham is quadruple the size of CH.I guess we could conclude that Durhams crime rate is because of adjoining county spill over also? I guess we could blame Raleigh or Orange county now for Durhams issues if even a few residents from them committed a crime in Durham.If you state that all the counties are effected by spill over crime from Durham can you please post the facts of that statement showing all the counties rates?
    Its not just a county issue its a alarming state wide crime rise issue people should be worried about....

  • Itdoesnotmatter Mar 8, 2013

    Why does everyone assume that ANY hispanic person that is arrested is here illegaly?

    I by NO means am defending him, or the horrible actions he is accused of.

    Just noticing a trend on here..

  • affirmativediversity Mar 8, 2013

    Let me guess...he was brought illegally by his parents, when he was a child...

    Isn't that the story now?

  • SFSOLDIER Mar 8, 2013

    Is this fine, upstanding citizen here legally?

  • westernwake1 Mar 8, 2013

    Wow - post a link to one little article in the Daily Tar Heel titled "Durham crime crosses over into Chapel Hill" and all the people from Durham complain and the post magically disappears.


    As stated earlier, it appears that the mainstream media and the government do not want to address the issue of spill-over crime from Durham that impacts all the surrounding communites. Instead everyone has their head buried in the ground and is doing nothing to stop the violent crime outlined in the Daily Tar Heel article.