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Man charged in sexual assault of 13-year-old

Posted December 15, 2010

— A 53-year-old Mount Olive man faces charges in the alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl.

Robert Earl Aponick, of 3255 Emmaus Church Road, was charged Tuesday with second-degree rape in the alleged Oct. 18 incident. He was placed in the Wayne County jail under a $200,000 secured bond.

County detectives said that the investigation is ongoing and additional charges might be filed in the case.


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  • Eduardo1 Dec 15, 2010

    gingerlynn.The article said 2nd degree, and that is why I questioned it

    OutlawJW.yes the medical assurance ios garlic on the bullet, shot into the scrotum

  • Eduardo1 Dec 15, 2010

    rayssonon.what does his age got to do with id. Did you not read about the 23 year who was raping a 3(three) year old.

    Set the hounds on this dirtbag IF found guilty

  • raysson Dec 15, 2010

    another case of being stuck on stupid...and this time again a old freak missing around and rape a 13-year old....I know something's mighty wrong here.....

  • raysson Dec 15, 2010

    From the previous comment:
    "Bring back public hangings. The crime rate will drop drastically,the overcrowding of prisons will go away and you might even be able to leave home without locking your doors."

    Speaking of hangings,this still have this law in Texas. Just a reminder if you ever get the chance to look at the law books here..the lynching is still on the books in Wake County. Just don't do it to start an vendetta. You got people who think they can run things like the Old West where justice was done with the gun and the rope. You can tell these left-wing radicals are trying to resurrect Jim Crow.

  • Weetie Dec 15, 2010

    Very well said d1b! I totally agree that if hangings were brought back, people would think twice before acting so stupid!

  • dwr1964 Dec 15, 2010

    Thankn you d1b. I have been preaching that for so long. Not just public hangings though. They should be televised and posted online for all to see.

  • edbuck51 Dec 15, 2010

    chemical castration

  • d1b Dec 15, 2010

    Bring back Public Hangings. The Crime rate will drop drasticaly, the over crowding of prisons will go away. Heck, you might even be able to leave home without locking your doors.

  • braddavis Dec 15, 2010


  • Thought Criminal WS Dec 15, 2010

    I would *love* to see legislation that whoever lets this sicko's out should be held accountable for thier behavior, after all, there's some leftist claim that rehabilitation works and those social workers, lawyers, judges, and bleeding hearts are so sure of it they'd let him free. Sign on the dotted line, he does it again you pay the price too.

    Wonder how many of them would be willing to sign on that line when it's thier behinds responsible. Bear in mind, they're so sure it works they'll let these sicko's out and around kids again... perhaps *your* kids. What reason do they have not to sign if they are so sure it works?