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Man charged in series of Knightdale vehicle break-ins

Posted August 11, 2010

— A Raleigh man faces dozens of charges and was being held Wednesday on $500,000 bond in a series of vehicle break-ins, Knightdale police said.

Melkym Daiquan Darby, 17, of 804 Angel Fire Lane, was arrested Tuesday. He faces 39 charges of breaking or entering a vehicle, two charges of felony larceny and 17 charges of misdemeanor larceny.

According to the warrants for his arrest, Darby broke into vehicles to take items of value including GPS units, iPods, knives, cash and cameras.


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  • Journey985 Aug 11, 2010

    We have had the same problem in Apex, my fiance's car got broken into about a month ago, they didn't take anything because she was smart enough not to leave anything of value in the car, but still. Police really need to step up their patrols of neighborhoods at night, instead of meeting up at the local eaterys!!!

  • tran Aug 11, 2010

    Leaving valuables in plain sight will invite a break-in. If you lock your car with valuables in plain sight, they'll break the glass to get them. The glass repair often costs more than what they took.

    A woman at a local gym locked her purse in the trunk before going in the gym. A thief was casing the parking lot and saw her do this. He waited until she went inside, busted the driver's side glass, popped the trunk latch, got her purse and went shopping.

    The cops ought to set up a "honeypot", a used car with valuable looking stuff in it and stake it out. Then swoop in and arrest whoever breaks the glass.

  • vickie827 Aug 11, 2010

    Hello Moderator,
    I left a comment on the murder/suicide case in Garner several months ago and received a less than favorable reply from you. Are you now just blatantly not posting my comments? How sad.....I really enjoyed your station for ALOT of years, but if you censor people because you don't agree, how much credibility can you really have I ask myself?

  • vickie827 Aug 11, 2010

    FYI- "Mr. Darby" is 17 years old, not 27 years old.

  • imnotsayinimjustsayin Aug 11, 2010

    @ didisaythat...I completely agree with your statement about giving this guy a year of hard labor. I think all individuals who commit property crimes such as these should be placed on a work detail. 10 hours a day, 5 days a week out cleaning roadways, paving, painting, landscaping, you name it. If they had something to honestly deter them from their criminal activites there wouldn't be so many repeat offenders.

  • fishon Aug 11, 2010

    Man charged in series of Knightdale vehicle break-ins

    This headline is fascinating. If this "Man" was shot during one of his break-ins he would automatically be downgraded by the media. The headline would say "Teenager shot by vehicle owner" or some such nonsense.

  • didisaythat Aug 11, 2010

    although I think as a law abiding citizen we should be able to leave whatever we want in our car or home unlocked and no one would enter either and steal. Now back to the real world, if everyone would lock doors and not leave items in vehicles the crimes would go down. If this guy got a year of hard labor he may think twice before stealing again.

  • CarolinianByChoice Aug 11, 2010

    "people should know better than to leave valuables in cars." - sweet4you. Maybe true, but then again maybe people should not come into MY driveway, enter MY car and mess with MY belongings! I don't leave anything valuable in my car and almost always lock - except one Friday a few months ago when I had my hands full and neglected to lock up. Next morning I found my car had been broken into - he didn't get anything because I don't leave anything of value in my car - but the little snot should not have been on my property rummaging around my car in the first place, should he? I'm glad he has been caught and I hope they throw the book at the miscreant.

  • Just the facts mam Aug 11, 2010

    Great job catching him!!!

  • hywilson Aug 11, 2010

    People know better than to steal..they just dont care.