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Man charged in robbery, murder at Sanford convenience store

Posted August 18, 2009

— Sanford police on Tuesday arrested the man they think robbed a convenience store and shot the store’s two owners.

Police charged Brian Michael McQueen, 19, of 1541 Winslow Drive, with murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and armed robbery. They said he robbed the Jackpot Mini Mart at 2305 Lee Ave. Monday at about 9:15 p.m. and shot store owners Ali Ahmad Mustafa, 37, and Amad Ahmad Asmar, 48, both of 175 Pond View Lane.

Mustafa was in intensive care Tuesday at UNC Hospitals. Asmar was taken to Central Carolina Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

McQueen was being held without bond in the Lee County jail.


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  • fiesty Aug 19, 2009

    It's a shame that a GOOD FOR NOTHING had to take the life of a person trying to work to earn their living. And yes...I also am tired of hearing about violent crimes this stereotype committ....they need to get a job. I have been as poor as anyone and am a single parent. BUT I have NEVER stolen, robbed or killed anyone.....I WORKED......

  • buckos18 Aug 19, 2009

    There's another article buried on this web site where three black males and one black female car jacked, raped and murdered a white woman and white man. Again, I guess it happens so often that there is no longer a thought to charge them with a hate crime. Can someone explain to me how I am not to be fed up with the constant double standard?

  • Just the facts mam Aug 19, 2009

    Very sorry for the innocent victims, but the accused criminal fits an all to familiar and common profile.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Aug 19, 2009

    This should be a hate crime. One race against another... IF he is convicted the death penalty is the only answer. Put a jury of 12 blacks and if the evidence is enough there can be only one verdict...

  • garnertoy Aug 19, 2009

    he needs to do hard time

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 18, 2009

    I can understand someone getting in a 'spur of the moment' fight and killing someone. And I can understand a spur of the moment fight where a man kills his wife, or vice-versa. And I can understand them only getting 20 to 30 years for those situations. They weren't necessarily planned and happened out of a temporary insanity situation. But ANYONE that commits a robbery, and a murder, planned the robbery and carried a weapon. There should be NO DEBATE! The Death Panalty should be the ONLY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!

    But, we all know, we just passed some STUPID racial law about dealing out the Death Penalty, of which I don't fully understand. This guy will NOT get the Death Penalty for this one STUPID reason.

  • oldrebel Aug 18, 2009

    This murderer lived right across from Central Carolina Community College if the WRAL article has the adress correct. He lived less than a block from Lee Senior High School. If he walked from his home to the business where he killed one and injured a second struggling business partner...he went past both learning institutions. Wonder how many times he went into those hallways with his weapong hidden on his person? Both of which are places where there in an injunction against any weapons. This is just speculation, but it shows we really don't know how many criminals are walking by, in and though the schools where unarmed potential victims are crowded into rooms with one entrance and exit. If he had no regard to killing and shooting during a robbery, do you really think he abided by the law when it came to weapons on campus?

  • ckpowers Aug 18, 2009

    JofNC you act like sanford is the only place something like this happens.Sad to say it happens everywhere

  • colliedave Aug 18, 2009

    another one who needs an express lane to the dirt nap

  • JofNC Aug 18, 2009

    Usual suspects again I see. And Sanford wants us to reach out to Fayetteville/Spring Lake for the base reassignment?!?

    Welcome to Sanford's future. If there's any dignity left in the remaining "good" citizens, now would be time to start thinking about selling.