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Garner man charged in NC State sex assault

Posted May 5, 2013
Updated August 10

— The suspect in a sexual assault of a student near North Carolina State University's Free Expression Tunnel last month turned himself in at the Wake County jail Sunday afternoon, police said.

Marlon Clayton Miller, 21, of 120 Johnson St., Garner, faces one count each of second-degree forcible sex offense, first-degree kidnapping and communicating threats in the April 25 attack.

He was placed in jail under a $752,000 bond and is due in court Monday.

Miller is not a student at N.C. State, police said.

According to investigators, the victim said she was leaving D.H. Hill Library around 4 a.m. when a man, later identified by police as Miller, pushed her from behind into some bushes and assaulted her. An arrest warrant alleges that Miller told the victim that if she screamed, he would kill her.

The attack was the first of several reported in the past two weeks, including one Sunday morning when a student said he was robbed by two men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts in the southern-most parking lot of the Avent Ferry Technology Center on Avent Ferry Road.

The student told police he was walking shortly before 2 a.m. when the men punched him in the face, stole his money and fled in a dark sedan last seen headed south on Avent Ferry Road.

Marlon Miller NC State remains on alert after sex assault arrest

On Wednesday, a student also reported being approached by a man who put his arm around her and tried talking to her. She sprayed him with pepper spray and ran away.

Both of those cases remain under investigation. Police planned to set up two checkpoints Sunday night near the site of the armed robbery to hand out fliers and elicit tips from the public.

Raleigh police were also investigating a report from last Saturday night in which a student said he was robbed at knifepoint, but a department spokesman said that investigators can't be sure it happened.

Although police have increased patrols on campus for the rest of the semester, they have urged students to be more vigilant and aware of their surroundings, walk along well-lit pathways and never walk alone at night.

The university also offers the Safety Escort Program, which runs 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. nightly.

Students said the crimes have shaken their sense of security on campus.

"During exam week, there's so many people walking back so late from the library," said student Laura Dowling. "It's so scary to think the same place I walked a couple hours before that happened at."

An N.C. State student who asked not to be identified said she was glad to see an arrest in the case.

"He's the reason a lot of women don't feel safe," the woman said. "The second I got the text from Wolf Alert, I couldn't sleep. I was freaked out."


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  • jayb8408 May 6, 2013

    "pushed her from behind into some bushes and assaulted her"..... So he raped her outside in the bushes? Really? Nobody was around to stop this or be an eye witness?

  • panthers254 May 6, 2013

    these students are sitting ducks because the law limits their ability to protect themselves. criminals love to prey on college students because most of them are naive to the ways of the world.

  • carrboroyouth May 6, 2013

    Wonder how all the people who said that the accuser was lying feel now?

  • Terkel May 6, 2013

    Taking drummerboy's comment a step further, this type will not be able to hold down even an unskilled job because s/he won't recognize the boss's authority, will be insubordinate and combative, and on the dole forever possibly while dealing drugs (the only job s/he can get).

    Hey Barber, instead of planning your next arrest at taxpayers' expense, how about telling "your people" to sit down, shut up and learn how to get along without committing violent crime?

  • Hill55 May 6, 2013

    he will get a 3 - 4 year sentence, be let out in 15 months, probabtion officers will lose his file and he will commit a more severe crime. sound familiar? That's what happened in the Eve Carson case.

  • SFSOLDIER May 6, 2013

    He is a criminal and deserves to be put behind bars for the rest of his creepy life. Do not let him out!! Are you reading this lib Judges!!!

  • mernst May 6, 2013

    students generally do not realize how violent & criminal our culture can be. i hope they stay safe and take better precautions for their safety.

  • rushbot May 6, 2013

    I looked at this through out the day yesterday and it had only a picture of the NC State flag, not the accused...if you have the supposed bad guys pictures, why not have a policy to display them prior to the arrest?

  • Hill55 May 6, 2013

    I'm wondering if the NC legislature were to allow STUDENTS to carry concealed weapons whether these perps would then think tice about coming on campus.

    In the northeast, a favorite crime is carkacking... folks up north cannot carry concealed weapons.

  • drummerboy May 6, 2013

    It's going to get worse before it gets better. Penalties and laws are too lax, and the legislature and school boards in this state are taking away a lot of leverage/penalties that need to be in place in the public schools. Interview students in middle and high schools in this state. They will tell you that it doesn't much matter what they get into, there is no real consequence at school, and they scoff at law enforcement because the juvenile penalties are nothing to them. I can't really judge this young "man", but can only think that this crime and others we are having to occur at an increasing rate is related to the lax penalties. And not just in "poverty stricken" kids.....