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Man charged in ax attack on girlfriend

Posted July 30, 2009

— A Rocky Mount man was arrested late Wednesday and charged with attacking his girlfriend with an ax, police said.

Boris Charles Bullock, 40, was charged with attempted murder.

A woman told police Bullock struck her with an ax Wednesday morning, knocking her unconscious. When she awoke, she found that he had locked her in a shed behind her Cambridge Circle home, she told police.

The woman was able to escape and call for help. She was taken to Nash General Hospital for treatment, but she had been released by Thursday morning.


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  • whatusay Jul 30, 2009

    She might have attacked him with the ax and hurt herself and he locked her in shed. Just because she says he attacked her does not make it true. Wait until the facts come out and you hear his side of the story.

  • Cragsdale Jul 30, 2009

    He hit her with the hammer side of teh axe, that's how he didn't kill her right out and I'm not cononing the mistreatment opf women, but some of you who have been need to grow just a little thicker skin and stop instantly baying atthe moon everytime it happens. Glad you got out of yoru situation and sure there are many who do and don't, but yes I did know the man personally so you are wrong in questioning what I said to start with. You DON'T know the whole story, and while there are a few folks out there who are definately capable of instantaneous sparks of violence, the actual norm is something happened to cause this action to be triggered. an arguement, or whatever. Is it right, NO it isn't and he will serve his time when judgement is passed, but some of you all still need to get a grip and liten up some.

  • BuglessDuster Jul 30, 2009

    Maybe he's the serial killer they're looking for in that area.

  • JennyN Jul 30, 2009


  • m0nky Jul 30, 2009

    axes make pretty grievousness wounds...he must have glanced her or something. how did she not bleed to death?

  • girlwonders Jul 30, 2009

    I was married to one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen, and his eyes were perfect. He was charming and everyone loved him. He kicked me in the face with steel toed boots and almost killed me, after I had left him for slapping me around. It only took once for me to see what he was capable of. He followed me around for two years, whipping up on me every chance he got. You can't judge by the public demeanor, or their appearance. And even when you leave, they will sometimes hunt you down and continue to abuse you. This guy isn't gonna change and I would bet alot of money that this isn't the first time he hit her, and she probably isn't the first woman he beat. Catch him and lock him up. That is the only deterent to this kind of behaviour.

  • outsidelkn-n Jul 30, 2009

    From the looks of this guy and the last who stabbed his girlfriend, not to be funny in situations like this: but do you all notice how these guys have eyes that are not aligned or look 2 different directions simultaneously? lol
    Seriously, it may be me, but I don't talk to men whose eyes do not look in the same direction. I take that as a sign that something it not right in their head.

  • outsidelkn-n Jul 30, 2009

    To: Cragdale-Just because you work with someone doesn't necessarily mean you know them personally. A lot of people put up a front at work and have a totally different personality at home or around others they don't work with. Honestly it doesn't matter what the whole story is at this point; he tried to attack someone with an ax means he meant harm.

    To: tooter9565-girl you are on point and I wholeheartedly agree with you. A lot of women do wind up taking their abusers back. It's a vicious cyle that needs to be broken. It was a wakeup call for her and hopefully she takes heed.

  • Cragsdale Jul 30, 2009

    I worked with this guy for 3 years. under normal circumstances he's a good guy, so something happened to cause him to snap like this. So before we all jump to conclusions that he's the next Manson or Vorhees or whoever your favorite axe murdering crazed lunatic is, lets get the whole story. No question he needs to be apprehended though, this is extremely serious and he doesn't need to be running loose on the streets.

  • ABM Jul 30, 2009

    Black snake moan..