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Man charged after gunfire outside Sanford Walmart

Posted June 4, 2014
Updated June 6, 2014

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— Authorities have arrested a man and are looking for another in connection with a robbery and chase that ended in gunfire outside a Walmart Supercenter in Sanford late Wednesday morning.

Dwayne Lamont Solomon Jr., 22, of 200 Simmons St., Sanford, was jailed under a $50,000 bond Wednesday afternoon on one count each of robbery with a dangerous weapon and injury to personal property stemming from the incident in the store parking lot, at 3310 N.C. Highway 87 South

Sanford Police Capt. Harold Layton said the victim, Vancel Russell, of Greensboro, followed Solomon and another man in their car after he was robbed of his cellphone and wallet.

Layton said a passenger in the car fired several shots at Russell's car, and at some point, one car hit the other in the parking lot. The injury to personal property charge stems from damages to chairs and grills outside the store.

Witnesses reported seeing a white car in the parking lot blocking a black car and then seeing the black car hit the white car's bumper. A man jumped from the white car and started firing.

Russell and Solomon – who was driving the car – ran into the store and were later taken into custody for police questioning, Layton said. The other man, whom police haven't identified, ran through the parking lot.

Investigators only had a vague description of him, saying he was approximately 25 years old and was wearing a green and white shirt and jean shorts.

No one was shot, Layton said, and no one displayed a weapon inside the store. Customers and employees, however, said they were left shaken by the shooting.

"You see some crazy stuff at Walmart, but this tops it, so far," employee Michael Nettles said.


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  • Itsmyopinion67 Jun 4, 2014

    And this is why guns are bad. Not people.

  • Bob Bucy Jun 4, 2014
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    Not enough information to conclude anything yet. Why was somebody blocking somebody else's car? Were they attempting to harm them? And a gun is an inanimate object. It does nothing without a person directing it, and yes, there are plenty of bad people in the world.

  • James Grimes Jr. Jun 4, 2014
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    Wow. Right by the associate smoking area.

  • Super Hans Jun 4, 2014

    We do not have a gun problem in this country. It's all in your imagination.

  • icdumbpeople Jun 4, 2014

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    We have a people problem. The person is the one that did the shooting.

  • Larry Wiandt Jun 4, 2014
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    You're right, we do though have a criminal problem.

  • thinkin out loud Jun 4, 2014

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    More people are killed by drunk drivers every year than all other means combined yet when we outlawed alcohol it was simply sold on the black market as would be guns. Thus the saying..if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. No law ever stopped anyone from doing anything they really didn't want to do.

  • 678devilish Jun 4, 2014

    Should Wal-Mart consider security for the safety of the people who shop there?

  • dwntwnboy2 Jun 4, 2014

    Another story- another gun owner with no sense.

  • disgusted2010 Jun 4, 2014

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    So when two groups of "gang bangers" (which this will turn out to be) who have never done an honest days work in their lives, who have never contributed to society in any way, who have taken from taxpayers since the day they were born choose to use a gun to settle some perceived issue, THEN guns should by taken away from all honest, tax paying, hard working citizens?

    What planet are you from?