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Man charged after baby wounded in Durham shooting

Posted February 19, 2014

— A Durham man was charged Wednesday after a 5-month-old girl was shot in the hand and leg, police said.

Police said the baby, whom neighbors said was called Jay, wounds don't appear to be life-threatening.

Arin Tavon Futrell, 21, was charged with felony negligent child abuse resulting in bodily injury. He was had outstanding warrants charging him with attempted breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit breaking and entering.

The shooting occurred shortly after 7:30 a.m. at 402 Macon St. Police initially said it was part of a domestic dispute, but they later backed off that assertion, saying it was an accident.

Neighbor Johnell Johnson disputes that, saying Marilyn Peace, who lives next door, was arguing with her boyfriend on the front porch when the man fired a shot.

"I thought he shot in the air," Johnson said. "I think the mom was in shock."

After the shooting, neighbors said, Peace jumped into a car with the suspected shooter and drove off, apparently to get the child help.

"Then, as sudden as that happened, everybody jumped in the car, and everybody left," Quintarius Justice said.

Johnson said the couple has been dating for a few months, and she has never heard them arguing before.

"I just wish I would have known it was going to escalate like this," he said. "He didn't have any regard for her or the baby. He just shot blindly. He didn't care who he hit."

The baby was being treated at Duke University Hospital, and Justice said he is glad she is doing OK. But he said the shooting should have never happened.

"In any situation you can think of, there's no good reason for a firearm to be pointed toward a child," he said.


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  • rickandlinda88 Feb 20, 2014

    the handgun did not load;aim or fire itself..the "person"carrying and pointing this weapon did that.do not blame guns for a criminal act,by a punk.life (no matter who's)means nothing to gang members.and THAT is what you have here!!!

  • tsquaring Feb 20, 2014

    cultural problem. thuuug life is embraced.

  • jackaroe123 Feb 19, 2014

    "The real issue is you don't care about gun control you only care about control and your ultimate objective is confiscation of guns. Fortunately the founding fathers had the foresight to envision people like you..."

    Did the founding fathers also have the foresight to envision the types of guns we have today and the types of crimes committed with them?
    If the govt could take guns away, what's stopping them? If they can't, why are you so afraid of being honest in a conversation about guns? You're trotting out the same hand-wringing, panicky talking points about people wanting to confiscate guns, and for what? Fear of an honest, reasonable discussion?

  • disgusted2010 Feb 19, 2014

    View quoted thread

    So since some people do not have the wherewithal to properly handle guns then everyone's guns should be taken. Perhaps a better solution is to take everyone's car because some people drive drunk or better yet to ban airplanes since sometimes they crash. Wake up and stop blaming objects for the actions of people.

    The real issue is you don't care about gun control you only care about control and your ultimate objective is confiscation of guns. Fortunately the founding fathers had the foresight to envision people like you and include protections to keep you and your ilk from creating a nanny state that tells everyone what to do, how to think and destroys all individuality.

  • Justic4All Feb 19, 2014

    Scubagirl - Passing laws will never fix stupid. Criminals do not check to see if they are breaking a law before they act. Passing laws to ensure something never occurs never ensures it will never occur. Only thing that occurs when laws are enacted to curb specific activity is normal law abiding citizens are tagged by LEO's because LEO's are not allowed to make rational decisions lest the media gets wind of it and start probing around finding angles and lying about numbers and statistics or not telling the whole story so their ratings go up. Passing laws every time something occurs is not the answer.

  • jackaroe123 Feb 19, 2014

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    There's no danger of guns being taken away. When people get emotional and bluster about that, why not respond w/ the slightest grace and focus on their emotional distress, as opposed to acting as if it amounts to any real threat to guns?

  • dwr1964 Feb 19, 2014

    Glock07...There is a very simple answer to your question.


  • sunshine1040 Feb 19, 2014

    Hopefully baby mama has leaned lesson about how to choose friends and how to choose a mate and learns this story makes it sound like so far she has made the wrong choice two times already.

  • Glock07 Feb 19, 2014

    Again with the guns. Criminals do not care about the law. Why is this so hard to understand.

  • dwr1964 Feb 19, 2014

    trianglerelic....You may choose to believe that LEGAL gun owners are just blowing off steam, when we state very clearly that we will absolutely not give up our firearms. You have the right to be wrong.