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Man calls 911, reports future murder of his child's mother

Posted November 24, 2014

— A Charlotte man was arrested by Raleigh police Monday for dialing 911 “to report the future murder of the mother of his child,” according to an arrest warrant.

Joshua Isaiah Cassell, of 5412 Eneidasue Drive in Charlotte, is also accused of giving police four false names, “causing a long delay during the investigation of a crime,” the warrant said.

Cassell is charged with misuse of 911 system and resisting a public officer. He remained in the Wake County jail Monday under a $2,000 bond.


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  • 678devilish Nov 25, 2014

    This young man certainly needs a mental evaluation. Meanwhile, this young lady should stay away from him and keep the child away as well for safety. But you know what, once he is out of jail she will allow him back into her life. She needs serious help for domestic violence herself and child.

  • joefurloughski Nov 25, 2014

    Really ? Is this some kind of "punked" episode ?

  • 3TeensGrowinUp2Fast Nov 25, 2014

    Something's seriously wrong mentally with this guy. I hope he gets psychological treatment (from behind bars). Might be wise for him to forgo the weed from now on...

  • PJM Nov 25, 2014

    hope the girlfriend was able to get out of this relationship....Im sure this is one of many signs this dude is crazy & she needs to heed to this warning sign

  • Angie Cox Nov 25, 2014
    user avatar

    he looks high. wow!

  • sinenomine Nov 25, 2014

    Which of the four names he gave is the right one, if any? I hope his release terms also provide for ascertaining his true identity before he's let out.

  • Roland Kandalbar Nov 25, 2014
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    too much marijuana it looks, and a generally low level of intelligence.

  • Glock07 Nov 25, 2014

    $2000 bond. He will kill someone soon. Remember his name.

  • DURHAMBULL Nov 25, 2014

    See, this is where a professional should realize this man has mental health issues that need to be treated instead of arrested and charged with a meaningless crime just to be released back to the public.

  • miseem Nov 25, 2014

    You would think there would be other, more serious crimes he could have been charged with. And a higher bond required.