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Man arrested in rape at Hollister teen dance

Posted December 29, 2008
Updated January 1, 2009

— Halifax County sheriff's deputies arrested James Arnette Richardson, 16, of 150 Tanga Lane in Hollister, Monday and charged him with the rape of a 13-year-old girl.

The victim reported that Richardson forced her behind a wall during a dance at the Doe Spun Building Dec. 26.

Richardson was being held on $50,000 bond Monday.


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  • therose2005 Jan 1, 2009

    Gr8 Duke Mom,Dr.Dataclerk,jmanarc,we are on the same page but so many teenagers these days come from broken homes and are looking for attention and love in all the wrong places.Take my granddaughter for instance we the grandparents are legal guardians of her she is 13 her mother gets her every other weekend she does not act as a mother but a friend, even though i ask her not to do this and tell her that we have to work together, just last week when she came home i found out she had a MySpace page i found the page on my own there was my grandaughter with makeup on and her age was stated as being 15, i was furious also because i have NEVER seen this side of my granddaughter, i feel as if she was trying to somehow be like her mom, i just do`nt know i am still trying to figure this one out. But no more MYSPACE page

  • NotFromHere Jan 1, 2009

    I love how the media tries to sway a story. Here you have a 16 year old being called "a man". I read the headline and figured some kid's father or chaperone raped a teen at a dance. Next time some rich, famous person's 18 or 19 year old will get in trouble and they will be refereed to as "a teen". Make up your mind one way or the other.

  • Eduardo1 Jan 1, 2009

    Just take childrens GOLDEN idol, Hannah Montana as an example as to why our kids dress the way they do, and get the "passion" bug so early in life.. Rape will never be acceptable in our society, but one doesn't always get the true story on every CHARGE of rape. Do any "victims" ever push the buttons and then out of some sort of fear, say that they have been raped. Hey Mike Tyson, do you remeber the gal that willingly went to your apartment, willingly, was enjoying you on your couch, but in the middle of the act, said STOP, but your hormones were already in overdrive, How about you, Tawana Brawley, evidence finally ruled out that you were never RAPED. No doubt exists, that tens of thousands of rapes occur in our civilized country each year, and deals are cut to avoid the correct harsh sentence for those who are found to be guilty, but no doubt some of the accused are not guilty of Rape, but guilty of having sex with a person who later regrets her Free choice.

  • jmanarc Jan 1, 2009

    now to finish with my comment:
    As with any event that is organized there is always a need for security as well as stand-by medical help. However!!! Teenagers, are rebellious by nature, and no matter how well the morals they are taught by their parents, always have a tendency to act against what they were taught by parents or guardians. Unfortunately also, teenagers are sexual by nature and have been throughout time, otherwise we would not have grandparents that were impregnated and married in their early teens. None of us were there, we do not know all of the facts, so instead of trying to make accusations of who is telling the truth and who is not, then that needs to be hopefully left to the courts and not the media. I feel that the "freedom of speech right" is pushed by the media sometimes. There are some things that should not be put out into the open until all of the facts have been determined and released for public record. Whatever happened to each persons right to privacy?

  • jmanarc Jan 1, 2009

    There are alot of issues that can arise out of this story. I have been to some of the dances held at the doe spun building in hollister. at every event that I attended, there were chaparones. I do not see why this one would be any different. of course, I was not in attendance at this one. However, this is an unfortunate event that not only has the chance to destroy two young lives, but two families and a community in general. The people of the Hollister Community are good people, and are very protective of their families and especially of their children. They are a tight knit group of people who enjoy each other's company and are so oriented to the needs of their children, that they strive hard to have special events and dances often for them, (which is alot more than can be said about other communities). When was the last time that any of you parents bothered to even try to organize any type of event for the teens in your community?

  • lorivalentine1 Jan 1, 2009

    Dr. Dataclerk and Gr8 Duke Mom - I agree with you.. I have an 18 yr old daughter and a 19 year old son. Never did I have a battle over inappropriate clothing with my son.. Unfortunately for parents of girls there is little to choose from these days that is age appropriate. Shoes are high heeled for toddlers, gilrs are encouraged to wear make up, thongs, push-up bras and sleezy way too revealing clothes. As a parent you are forced to choose your battles. Many a day came and went where she was sent back to her room to change as I did not like what she had on.
    I am not saying by any stretch of the means the girl deserved it or that the guy did not do it, but simply that the way girls act and lie about their age and the fact that kids these days generally seem to lack self control and get in trouble more readily than in the past.
    Prents need to be incredibly diligent about teaching their kids and reinforcing respect for themselves as well as others.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 31, 2008

    That's why I'm saying there should have been appropriate supervision, and who ever owns the DoeSpun facility should be required to have security and the people that hosted the party should also be held accountable.
    Gr8 Duke Mom

    Thanks for the comment. We are on the same page. I wonder if others will join?

  • Gr8 Duke Mom Dec 31, 2008

    True, Parents needs to teach their children about these things. Todays young girls are far more developed and do look older. Than you add tight clothing, exposed skin, raunchy lyrics to music and a dark atmosphere and the hormones start flying. That's why I'm saying there should have been appropriate supervision, and who ever owns the DoeSpun facility should be required to have security and the people that hosted the party should also be held accountable.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 31, 2008

    Do young girls really understand the seriousness of saying a young man rape her when he really did not? This can follow both these young people for the rest of their life. Parents what and how are you teaching your children as they grow up? You don't want the "streets" or "friends" teaching them. YOU ARE THE PARENTS AND SHOULD BE TEACHING THEM. IF YOU CANNOT DO IT, THEN GET A PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR TO HELP YOU WITH IT.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 31, 2008

    Party be aware where your child goes to an un-supervised event.

    I apologize for the mistakes.

    It should read Parents be aware where your child goes to an un-supervised event.