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Man arrested in Durham armed bank robbery

Posted May 29, 2013

— Durham police have charged a man in connection with the armed robbery of the SunTrust Bank branch on Hillsborough Road last week.

Shonte Sasser, 29, was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with armed robbery and a probation violation.

Investigators say Sasser, armed with a gun and wearing a dark-colored mask, walked into the bank on May 23, demanded money and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.


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  • Bill of Rights May 31, 2013

    thatdudeg: banks in North Carolina aren't "gun free" zones. The restriction on concealed carrying in banks was lifted two years ago, and open carry has always been legal in banks in NC.

    Assuming, of course, that the bank does not have the entrances posted for "no firearms". Then it would be a gun free zone at the bank's behest. That is, of course, until someone like this goon walks in with a gun ...

  • 678devilish May 30, 2013

    20 years automatic in prison.

  • Phyxius1 May 30, 2013

    If I worked at a bank in Durham, I'd be sure to wear a vest every day.
    Obamacare for life

    Seems to be more bank robberies in Raleigh reported than Durham. Id wear one in Raleigh, and Fayetteville and a few others more so than Durham lately. Raleigh lowlifes have robbed my car a few times in 24yrs and I spend more time in Durham and never had any issues there in same time frame

  • davido May 30, 2013

    Obamacare for life: "If I worked at a bank in Durham, I'd be sure to wear a vest every day."

    No, they've all gone casual now, so it's down to Wonder Woman style bullet deflecting bracelets. They're very stylish I'm told.

  • thatdudeg May 30, 2013

    Go figure, a criminal with a gun in a gun free zone. Let's ban guns in banks! Oh wait, it's already illegal.

    This is why I never go inside the bank, so those of you who are anti-gun can be inside with the bad guy, while I drive away from the ATM unharmed.

  • Obamacare for life May 30, 2013

    If I worked at a bank in Durham, I'd be sure to wear a vest every day.

  • 68_dodge_polara May 30, 2013

    Wonder if this Sun Trust branch will get the bullet proof barriers now like many of the other Sun Trust branches in Durham?

  • Obamacare for life May 30, 2013

    Hopefully he finds a better mask once they let him out.

  • lawha63 May 30, 2013

    How about that, another probation violator committing a crime....