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Man arrested for naked bike ride

Posted August 9, 2010
Updated August 10, 2010

— A Johnston County man faces indecent exposure charges after a motorist spotted him riding his bicycle, completely naked, on Highway 39 near N.C. Highway 42 Monday.

911 call: Naked man reported in Johnston County

John Henry Wolfinger, 28, told Johnston County sheriff's deputies that he had just finished taking a dip in a nearby creek.



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  • genegeneandnancy Aug 13, 2010

    Maybe he's just trying to bring back the 70's fad of streaking?

  • yesnomaybesok Aug 10, 2010

    naked in public...a Class 2 misdemeanor. if any one 16 and under sees you or you expose your self to ...it's a Class H felony.... so maybe not a crime in your home or some where being naked is acceptable... but not in PUBLIC.

  • yesnomaybesok Aug 10, 2010

    indecent exposure GS 14-190.9 MUGU google it...

  • Realamerican71 Aug 10, 2010

    I do this sort of thing all the time. Sometimes I ride a bicycle, sometimes the riding mower. LOL

  • Mugu Aug 10, 2010

    I do not see why he is being persecuted for being nude, it is not a crime.

  • gator nation gal Aug 10, 2010

    At least he was exercising.

  • celong Aug 10, 2010

    A dip alright, all the way around.

  • yesnomaybesok Aug 10, 2010

    ugh, i don't care who u put naked on a bike... not a pretty site. hellerrrr... the seat rides up the wrong way with clothes on... ewww....u can only imagine where his seat was and yea... what about the underbits??? maybe he just got finished smokin some Angel Dust and was trying to find Debo's chicken coop... lmao!!! The best of JoCo!!!

  • snshine62d Aug 10, 2010

    Why am I thinking of an old Ray Stevens song from the 70's ? I think the words in it were something like "Ethyl get your clothes on !!". I'm sure we all feel like we have to dress as light as possible for this heat, but this may have gone just a tad too far.

    "They call him the streaker.....look et him look et him" (Brought back memories:)

  • persimmonkilgore Aug 10, 2010

    move along folks, nothing to see here. LOL "let's arrest this one; he's obviously not carrying any weapons."