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Man arrested at Rocky Mount Senior High

Posted July 21, 2009

— Rocky Mount police found a person rummaging through a desk at the town's senior high school on Sunday night.

Officers responded to Rocky Mount Senior High School, at 308 South Tillery St., after an alarm went off just before 11 p.m. Once there, they arrested Stacy Reaves, 32, of North Howell Street, on a charge of felony breaking and entering. Reaves was being held on $5,000 secured bond.


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  • voiceofreason32 Jul 21, 2009

    Is it me, or is WRAL looking for anything to put Rocky Mount in the news? I mean, its a terrible town with terrible crimes occuring, but can they wait until an actual newsworthy story occurs before writing about RMT

  • TStills Jul 21, 2009

    Clearly, the gentleman pictured here is an accomplished scholar who was likely seeking reading material from the library.

  • jlh4jdj Jul 21, 2009

    Booster--So now we are defending someone who broke into a school? He's not even quick enough to rob somewhere that has better liquid asset.

  • Boostershot Jul 21, 2009

    Sufi-of-Sanford: you seem to be a bit insensitive. The guy who broke into Rocky Mount High School obviously has a stigmitism problem that I'm sure he's been kidded about his entire life. I certainly hope you are flawless.

  • iron fist Jul 21, 2009

    Just going back to school

  • mxteam44 Jul 21, 2009

    Maybe he was looking for a pencil?

  • Flyswatter Jul 21, 2009

    Look straight ahead please...

  • YNCSW51 Jul 21, 2009

    Agree now our tax dollars have to pay for another person who do not want to work but still from others who do.

  • budpenny Jul 21, 2009

    Nice. This happens frequently at schools over the summer. Hope more of these are caught.