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Man, granddaughter killed in crash near Mount Olive

Posted May 18, 2013
Updated May 19, 2013

— A Mount Olive man and his 5-year-old granddaughter died after a pickup truck hit the tractor they were riding Friday night in Wayne County, according to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Terry Glenn Lee, 48, died at the scene. Kelsey Renee Davison was taken to a local hospital, where she also died.

Troopers said Lee and the girl were traveling east on Baker Chapel Road north of Mount Olive around 9:15 p.m. when a truck hit them from behind.

It wasn't clear whether the truck driver would be charged.


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  • WOW REALLY May 28, 2013

    Well obviously a lot of you believe everything you see on the news. Let’s get some facts straight, the man driving the tractor had not been DRINKING so let’s not all jump to judge someone until the facts are TRUE and I can promise the SHP didn’t have his FACTS together before he started throwing judgments around to protect his friend (IE the driver of the truck) and it wasn’t so dark outside that the tractor couldn’t be seen if the driver of the truck had been paying attention. The tractor was seen in the ditch from down the road so obviously if it could be seen from down the road it wasn’t that dark outside. The driver of the truck stopped a few houses down from where he hit the tractor. So even after hitting the tractor he still didn’t slam on brakes. This is a horrible tragedy for the family and the community. So all I ask is if you want to get on-line and bash people make sure all the facts are straight and correct..MAY GOD BLESS THE FAMILY AND COMMUNITY AND MAY GOD B

  • pjnoobie2 May 21, 2013

    also google the laws for riding a tractor on the highway...been there..done that...and its a sad situation for all involved..

  • pjnoobie2 May 21, 2013

    to Whatever Geez... well, if it happened in front of his house..my point exactly... google tractor accidents in N.C. and see what you can find..see how many people have died and how far it goes back in years...so sad for the family, for the driver involved who will be suffering from this also.

  • Whatever Geez May 20, 2013

    Why on Earth would someone be riding a tractor on the road in the dark, especially with a 5 year old?

    Obamacare survives

    this happened right in front of his house and his horses are across the street.....

  • rjcuddington May 20, 2013

    Tractors should not be allowed on the highway during anytime of the day. That's just plain old common sense.
    Obamacare survives

    This terrible error in judgement can not be reversed...the two dead are proof of that and my condolences to the families. But to "ban" farm equipment from the roads...do you not know how your daily bread gets to your mouth. These country roads are commonly referred to as "farm to market" roads. Tractors and farmers are what feed this nation and a good chunk of the world. Don't cuss'em with your mouth full!!!

  • donnied19522 May 20, 2013

    The point is, where is the rest of the story. Other news agencies report the whole story while WRAL is always so PC, unless its a school teacher, police officer, or any other entity they can degrade at will.

  • kbird May 20, 2013

    @donnied19522...I don't see your point for asking. The person driving the vehicle was mostly likely not at fault. The tractor should not have been on the road at that time of night. Why would WRAL try to hide it if the driver was not legal or did not have a license?

  • Obamacare survives May 20, 2013

    Tractors should not be allowed on the highway during anytime of the day. That's just plain old common sense.

  • concerncitizen May 20, 2013

    Thanks jam47, 'unspeakable pain for the families'

  • pjnoobie2 May 20, 2013

    I cannot begin to tell you how this affects me. I too was involved in a tractor accident..same circustances..came up on a tractor at night which only had a plow light shining. I swerved to try to avoid it and hit the rear left tire. The impact was so hard it broke the axil on the tractor. The man on the tractor died. People do not realize how dangerous it is to ride a tractor on the highway. They dont realize how quickly a car can run up on them and hit them especially at night time. I have emailed the governor to make it a law where tractors should not be allowed on highways after a certain time of day and they should also be made to carry liability insurance. Any vehicle that is on the road, tractors, 4 wheelers, bicycles, mopeds etc should be made to carry liability insurance.