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Man Accused of Secret Peeping to Appear in Court

Posted April 2, 2008
Updated April 16, 2008

— A Goldsboro man accused of taking inappropriate video at Crabtree Valley Mall is set to appear in a Wake County courtroom on Wednesday.

Brian Allen Williams, 28, is charged with secret peeping.

Officers said Williams used a cell phone to record the video.

When he was charged, he was already in the Wake County Jail on a previous peeping charge.


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  • BeachBum08 Apr 2, 2008

    Try KNOWING the guy! Staying in the SAME house with this guy (not the same room)

    me&mytwo...your right my jaws just dropped when i saw this! he used to have a gf and they were together for a while but im not sure what happend.

  • Meandmytwo Apr 2, 2008

    He does not look like a peeping tom. I know that's why you cant not judge a book by its cover. Hope he gets what he deserves.

  • fatchanceimwrong Apr 2, 2008

    "When he was charged, he was already in the Wake County Jail on a previous peeping charge."

    Wow...the court will keep a guy in jail for peeping, but can't even keep track of known violent criminals like the ones that killed the girl at UNC.

  • daisy Apr 2, 2008

    maybe he was trying to create some kind of video of women in dressing rooms? instead of girls gone wild... shopaholics gone wild.

  • BigUNCFan Apr 2, 2008

    I mean with the internet and all of the dating sites out there, he should be able to meet a young lady and court her and let things take their course. He seems like a young guy so age is not an issue. Don't understand why he would have to resort to this sleezy and illegale behavior. Pretty crummy in my book.

  • REDRD Apr 2, 2008

    Rev RB... Which Middle eastern country have you been to. Sounds a little like VooDoo to me ...Thanks for the words of wisdom from the self proclaimed Rev.

  • Adelinthe Apr 2, 2008

    In middle eastern countries, he'd have an eye poked out; then if he did it again, he'd lose the other one.

    Sometimes it seems almost ok, doesn't it...when one offends repeatedly.

    Praying for this beast's victims, and praying for God to touch his heart with understanding and remorse.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • ncman Apr 2, 2008

    What was considered inappropriate video taken at Crabtree?

  • ncman Apr 2, 2008

    What was he taping or filming?

  • WakeButterfly Apr 2, 2008

    I was looking under NC Laws, and it seems very vague on what is considered legal to videotape.
    Has the media released what he was videotaping?
    Where was he?
    I think NC needs to address this issue.
    I know in some states it's illegal to videotape anyone (even if they are not undressed) if it's "secret" and without their consent.
    I think this is something our lawmakers need to really address and look into.