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Man accused of killing terrier in Raleigh

Posted January 22, 2011

— A man was arrested Friday on charges that he beat and killed a Jack Russel terrier, according an arrest warrant issued Friday by Raleigh police.

The warrant states that Daniel Francis Hurley, 35, whose last known address was in Forsyth County, "did torture, beat and kill" a 1-year-old dog he called Sweet Pea.

Witnesses said that they heard banging and squealing, then saw Hurley dump a dog from a crate into his backyard.

Hurley was charged with felony cruelty to animals. He was placed in the Wake County jail under a $10,000 secured bond. His first court appearance was set for Monday.


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  • h3ardita11b4 Jan 27, 2011

    The crazy part about this story is that he will get more time for hurting that dog than he would have if it was a child. Only in America...

  • paddie Jan 26, 2011

    His first court appearance was set for this past Monday....SO WHAT HAPPENED?

  • slack959 Jan 24, 2011

    Yeah why didnt the neighbors report it while they heard the dog in pain? They wait until it is confirmed when they do see the dog being carried out dead??? Sorry if I heard that going on I would have 911 on the phone while banging on his door telling him I had cops on the phone and on the way. It might have saved the dog's life and got him a second chance away from this abuser. PLEASE TO THE REPORTER LET US KNOW THE OUTCOME OF THIS AS IT SHOWS HIS COURT DATE WAS TODAY.

  • Dagn Jan 24, 2011

    Here we go again. Another story about some worthless LOSER harming a defenseless animal. No amount of punishment could ever be enough for this sorry excuse of a man. Wish somebody would introduce him to the pointy end of a pitchfork.

  • paddie Jan 24, 2011

    Sad to say, but he'll never get the punishment he deserves....what happened to his face....a slight improvement.

  • Bklyn2Raleigh Jan 24, 2011

    Walden Woods off Millbrook near Capital Blvd

  • LiveLifeToTheFullest Jan 24, 2011

    He no doubt has harmed animals (and probably other people as well) before; this time however he must have snapped. Wow, what a tough guy torturing, beating and killing a defenseless little dog. I hope he gets punished and realizes what he did was wrong.

  • clover1019 Jan 24, 2011

    Bklyn2Raleigh...which neighborhood is this exactly??

  • Bklyn2Raleigh Jan 24, 2011

    It is so sad. I live in this neighborhood and all the kids loved playing with Sweet Pea. She really was a sweet dog.

  • 4luvofthem Jan 24, 2011

    You are right he is a loose cannon!! He'll probably end up with a slap on the wrist, grrrrrrrrr!!! I am now waiting for some of these posters to say "it is just a dog"! That comment is bound to come.