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Man accused of indecent liberties at fraternity convention

Posted July 25, 2010

— A Greensboro man is accused of touching a young girl inappropriately while attending a fraternity convention in downtown Raleigh.

According to arrest warrants, Javelin Edric Hall, 36, of 5052 Bartholomew’s Lane, was attending the Omega Psi Phi convention on Fayetteville Street when the alleged incident occurred Saturday afternoon.

The girl's mother said the 15-year-old was raising money for a church at the time of the incident.

Hall is charged with taking indecent liberties with a child. He was being held Sunday in the Wake County jail under a $25,000 bond and is due in court Monday.


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  • twc Jul 26, 2010

    issymayake, these tournaments are usually 3-day events. PONY Nationals I believe were 5 days. They do most everything but fill up nightclubs and bars.

    Local teams travel to other states when other states aren't here. It grows from year to year. There will be teams here this coming weekend from all over the country. And this particular tournament is just beginning.

  • issymayake Jul 26, 2010


    You are ignoring a fact central to this discussion; this is a NATIONAL convention. There are only about 5K registered, but there were many, many more in attendance as non-registered participants.

    I'm not really sure what events you are referring to at Walnut Creek, but it would be on their PR team to garner interest in that event. Furthermore, are those participants booking hotel rooms for multiple nights, shopping, eating out, ordering room service, and filling up nightclubs and bars?

    This event is a pre-cursor to next years All-Star game and gauges if Raleigh can once again host medium to large events (after losing the CIAA Tournament to Charlotte). It can also help them with planning for the NHL All-Star game next February.

  • twc Jul 26, 2010

    Most of the convention money seems to go to building and tearing down and re-building convention centers.

    Walnut Creek is lucky to have covered seating!

  • twc Jul 26, 2010

    Did this convention last 6 days? It was estimated to be 5,000 people.

    By comparison Walnut Creek had about a 100 teams last weekend. That's about 15 people per team minimum. Now add the parents of the players. Now add the officials. Now add the fans. Now add the college scouts.

    And this is not just once in a while; this is a normal weekend for the area. And this happens June through Otober!

    And headlines? Only if the weather is excessively hot!

  • joyce1913 Jul 26, 2010

    The money will be generated by/through hotels and local eateries.. not to mention any addtional shopping that might be done. Also, the fees for the local convention centers, including the meals for the luncheons. Trust, these conventions bring in millions!!!

    All you have to do is calculate it.. most conventions last atleast 6 days.. not imagine 15,000 people staying in hotel rooms for 5 nights at $100 a night!

    I am in a sorority and our convention is next week, we have over 250,000 members which an average of of 15,000 - 20,000 REGISTERED...this doesnt include the ones that just come to hang out that dont register.. I am going, my room is $145/night at 5 nights + 13% tax and tip! Oh, and lets not mention the $36/day parking... so you add all that up!!

  • issymayake Jul 26, 2010

    You realize those are projections?


    "In fact, the economic impact is estimated at $7.3 million.

    “This is great the conclave has coordinated with the restaurants, the restaurants are posing specials, the hotels are booked, this is great news for downtown,” said Brandi Barnhart of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance.

    The Glenwood South area alone probably made 1.5 million dollars. There were people EVERYWHERE throughout the weekend. We'll know the exact numbers later on after the convention is over; and the Raleigh Tourism Bureau crunches the numbers.

  • twc Jul 26, 2010

    Show me the money! Where was $7 million spent?

    "One of ours" was a headline on wtvd news. It was a racial reference.

  • issymayake Jul 26, 2010


    If you can show me any single event that Walnut Creek has that can generate seven million in a week, I'd love to see the numbers. And I will personally call Mayor Meeker and demand to know why the downtown amphitheater was built instead of a park.

    Of course she identified him, presumably after informing the authorities and then them seeking him out to arrest him.

    And I'm sorry; I have no idea what you mean by 'one of ours'. *shrug*


    No problem bro. I look forward to our (Alphas) regional convention coming to Raleigh next year.

  • twc Jul 26, 2010

    $7 million dollars? Sure.

    Walnut Creek and other rec sports surpasses that and get zero coverage!

    Sought him out? I was under the impression he was identified by the victim. She must not have been "one of ours".

  • cdavis34 Jul 26, 2010

    THANK YOU Issymayake for explaining to UNC and NCSTATE...peeps are quick to throw a Black Fraternity under th bus...YES we had the spotlight this weekend and plenty of Black Women came out to support and show the supposedly BAD BOYS some love..yes we have a good time, and help others enjoy themselves in as its said Dull raleigh at times..Yes we are also OMEGA MEN,handling business. I'm not sure what kind of touching the brother did..but it wasnt said..and I'm sure if the bruh could have apologize a Church woman should have accepted it and let it be..But I bet it will be more $$FUND RAISING..But for the goodness that we done $7 million and one incident I dont see what WTVD or whoever likes to blow it up...as much as White fraternities have been doing stuff yankee or not..Nobody is perfect.