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Man accused of extorting Chapel Hill bank

Posted August 29, 2011

— A Chapel Hill man has been arrested after police say he allegedly threatened to kill four University of North Carolina students if a local bank didn't give him $300,000.

Reid Kelley, 22, was charged Saturday with one count of extortion.

Court documents say Kelley told a BB&T Bank branch on Elliott Road in Chapel Hill that he would kill the students if he didn't get the money by 10:30 p.m. Friday.

Kelley is also charged with one count of possessing a weapon of mass destruction. Court documents indicate that, at the time of his arrest, he was in possession of an AR-15 assault rifle.

He was in the Orange County jail Monday evening under a $200,000 bond.


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  • chevybelair57sd Aug 30, 2011

    If he had a ballistic missle, he'd be a prefered trading partner warbirdlover LOL

  • chevybelair57sd Aug 30, 2011

    The story doesn't mention him modifying the gun, so we have to deduce any weapon in a liberal town is a weapon of mass destruction, these folks would be in for culture shock in Chatham county LOL

  • ICTrue Aug 30, 2011

    "You would think there we be some kind of extra term or word added to make a distinction."

    Yes, I think rather than calling them WMD, the libs should just call them Big Mean Guns.

  • rabid6wolff Aug 30, 2011

    So modifying a semi-auto AR-15 into a full auto is equivalent to a bomb or even a nuclear weapon. Interesting logic... You would think there we be some kind of extra term or word added to make a distinction.

  • Arapaloosa Aug 30, 2011

    "It simply means you can do damage to many people in one circumstance under the right conditions."

    Ok, by that definition, a car is a weapon of mass destruction.

  • Truth Time Aug 30, 2011

    Maybe some of you gun nuts should educate yourself. AR-15 can be a weapon of mass destruction if it has any illegal modifications. But of course you gun nuts never modify your assault rifles.

  • Ihatexray Aug 30, 2011

    "A ar-15 is not a weapon of mass destruction you can buy them at any local sporting goods store including the national chain stores. It is NOT a automatic weapon or a weapon of mass destruction. This guy will go free because who ever charged him has no idea of what they are talking about so the judge will have to throw it out because someone wanted to make a political issue out of this."
    It doesn't have to be an automatic weapon to be a weapon of mass destruction. Being a semi-automatic, high-powered weapon is enough. It simply means you can do damage to many people in one circumstance under the right conditions. You also don't know if this persons weapon might have been altered to make it fully automatic which is not difficult to do.

  • ICTrue Aug 30, 2011

    Weapon of mass destruction...that is hilarious. Too bad that the DA has overshadowed the whole story with that little piece of genius...lol

    By the way, didn't Saddam have a couple of automatic riffles laying around? He chem's a million or so of his own people and the libs that were pulling for Saddam in that war were all screaming "HE DIDN'T HAVE WMD!". Then they turn around and call an AR15 WDM. Give me a break.

  • pipsykosis Aug 30, 2011

    irony would be setting his bond at 300,000

  • Its the who what Aug 30, 2011

    Just another example of the violence that exists in Chapel Hill. Someone actually had the nerve to tell me that Chapel Hill is not violent. The proof is in the posts, ladies and gentlemen, two days in a row. Get a control of YOUR citizens Chapel Hill!!! I would at least would like to TRY to feel safe when I am walking back to my car from a football game.