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Man accused of cellphone peeping at Garner Belk

Posted September 4, 2014
Updated September 5, 2014

Rian Daniel Olive

— Police in Garner said Thursday that they have charged a man who was discovered with a cellphone crawling around on the floor of a local department store.

Rian Daniel Olive, 27, of 28 Nathan Matthews Road, Angier, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of felony secret peeping after a security guard at a local Belk saw him on surveillance video allegedly trying to get photos from beneath women's skirts, Garner Police Lt. Chris Clayton said.

A Garner police officer investigating a shoplifting case at the store arrested him on site, Clayton said.

Investigators say they have turned over information about their investigation to Raleigh police because they believe he might have committed similar offenses there.

A police spokeswoman says he has also been arrested in connection with a secret-peeping case that occurred at the Salvation Army.


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  • Duff Dry Sep 5, 2014

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    He was wearing his cloak of invisibility! How could they possibly see him?

  • Eq Videri Sep 5, 2014
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    Surely he was easy for his potential victims to spot, crawling around on the floor pointing his phone up? Talk about a stupid alleged criminal.

  • SAY 'WHAT" ONE MORE TIME! Sep 5, 2014

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    Ummm he's a sick creep, nothing more, nothing less. I'm a man and I very much enjoy SI swimsuit edition, VicSec too! And I don't mind if a woman dresses to show her figure as long as she stays classy. It's pretty much part of being a man. When you start crawling around department store floors you've entered another realm that doesn't even compare and you know it. If anyone is on a holier than thou kick, it's most certainly you.

  • MinorityWillbeNewMajority Sep 5, 2014

    Always two sides to every story. Lets wait for the defense. Maybe he had dropped some quarters and was looking for them using the 'torch' feature in the phone's camera. Happens to me when my pants have a hole in them. The 'torch' light on the cameras are usually on the under side of the phone.

  • A cold, hard dose of Hans Sep 5, 2014

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    Looking at a magazine is the same as looking up women's skirts?

  • 678devilish Sep 5, 2014

    This man needs serious help. I hope and pray he will get it.

  • Air Biscuit Sep 5, 2014

    yep, I love how everyone is jumping in calling this guy a creep....he's not a creep, he's sick....before you all get on your holier than thou bandwagons about sexual perversion, women, look at how you are dressed when you go out to the clubs......what are you looking at in "innocent" magazines? Men, how about Sports Illustrated swimsuits, or sneaking a peek at Victoria's Secret catalogs? It's all the same.

  • Cabe Merritt Sep 5, 2014
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    Put him away, next time he will do more.

  • JAT Sep 5, 2014

    and you have to wonder - didn't the women notice him? he was crawling on the floor for goodness sakes. I would tend to step away from someone crawling on the floor, not stand there and let them get too close to me.

  • busyb97 Sep 5, 2014

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    That's what I was wondering...."buy a magazine!" Looking up skirts (do many women WEAR skirts these days at the mall??), you won't see much...that's for sure!

    By the way- if I ever saw a man on the ground of a store like this, he just might get a heel or foot impression on his forehead!