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Man accused of attacking people at Moore Square

Posted May 9, 2009
Updated May 11, 2009

— A man accused of assaulting people and cars in a downtown park was taken into police custody Saturday.

Roland Edwin French Jr., 33, attacked four people and damaged two vehicles in Moore Square, police said. When officers arrived to arrest French, police said, he punched the patrol car.  An officer used a Taser gun on French after he lunged at them, police said.

Investigators believe that French assaulted three other people and damaged two other cars before officers arrived. However, the people had left the scene without talking to officers, police said.

Police said that French suffered self-inflicted injuries by beating his head against the ground once he was handcuffed. He was listed in good condition at WakeMed Saturday afternoon.

No one else was injured.

Charges against French were pending, awaiting a mental evaluation.


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  • wcnc May 11, 2009

    "If people would just take the time to speak to the homeless they would realize how kind and caring these people can be."

    Many are, I'm sure. But there are quite a few in this area who are not nice, feel like they are owed something and desire to do nothing to bring themselves out of homelessness, even with much help from the city and county. I think there are the good and bad in every bunch.

  • weeksisaac May 11, 2009

    Am I the only person that thinks this guy just had too much to drink and went nuts? Who said anything about him being homeless? Yes, Moore Square was mentioned, but it is right next to City Market and about a dozen bars.

  • devilblue May 11, 2009

    Whatever his issues are he shouldn't be attacking folks!

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ May 11, 2009

    I wonder if he was having relapses from meth? He definitely needed help.

  • merrywidow May 11, 2009

    Can you say "involuntary commitment"?

  • Brejasa May 11, 2009

    Some homeless people did stay in school, get an education, get a job, not drink, not smoke crack, follow the law, etc. Unless you've walked in their shoes you can't speak on it. There are other ways to become or be homeless. Bad things can happen to anyone. When will people learn to get outside of the box and step into the real world.

  • Jeremiah May 11, 2009

    "No small wonder people do not want to eat downtown after dark.."

    I've never once been hindered to eat after dark downtown. Sure, I've been approached a few times, but I still go to downtown restraunt and bars several times a month.

  • TeresaBee May 11, 2009

    You know I can't help but feel sorry for this man. What pain he must be in. I can't imagine what his story is.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT May 11, 2009

    I have to disagree with ForHim and BLeighVnJC. The article didn't say who he assaulted. It did say two people assaulted left the scene in their cars. It sounds more like he was assaulting patrons of local businesses, and not the homeless. A homeless person would most likely not be driving a car.

  • Squirreling Dervish May 11, 2009

    No small wonder people do not want to eat downtown after dark..