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Mail carrier accused of stealing gift cards

Posted December 16, 2009

— Authorities have charged a mail carrier in Clayton after three gift cards were stolen from mail on her route.

Sherri Milam, 45, of 3719 N.C. Highway 42 West, was charged with four counts of larceny by an employee and one count of obtaining property by false pretense, Clayton Police Chief Glen Allen said.

Milam, who has been a mail carrier for 15 years, has been place on unpaid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation by postal inspectors, said Larry Glasner, of the U.S. Postal Service.


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  • djcgriffin Dec 17, 2009

    HillBilly - that's exactly what i was thinking. How sad. She still should be punished. But that's very sad.

  • donnied1952 Dec 17, 2009

    This is what a person that HAS a job and gets paid for it does. Steals from others while getting paid.

    Can you just imagine how desparate the people without jobs must be. Many of those unemployeed or under employed are doing without while a person like this is stealing even though she gets a paycheck. Unforgiveable.

  • HillBilly Dec 17, 2009

    All joking aside, I'm sure IF should took them, it wasn't because she was rich. It's a shame some people are in such dire shape they would risk everything for a few dollars. Not right what she did though.

  • justiceforall Dec 17, 2009

    Maybe they can investigate my missing bills that seem to not make it to their destination too. Wondered about check washers.

  • Mom2two Dec 17, 2009

    Probably been doing this for a long time. Just this time, she got caught.

  • howdiditgettothis Dec 16, 2009

    We have had gift cards and birthday cash stolen from greeting cards sent US mail.

    Guess we should start reporting them.........

    Maybe we should consider reporting the stinky packages we get from our mail deliverer who smokes..........
    our mail/packages always smell like cigarettes. Uck.

  • makeitright Dec 16, 2009

    the other going postal

  • jones4 Dec 16, 2009

    ...and the NC DMV wants me to believe that MAILING me my drivers license is "Safer" than picking it up in person. DUH.

  • BruiserB Dec 16, 2009

    It just goes to show how selfish and uncaring people are about others. That's just not right. Ever hear "Thou shalt not steal?" Guess not!

  • KermitDFrog Dec 16, 2009

    It's sad to see someone risk 15 years on the job for a few bucks.