Magic Johnson visits Durham students

Posted April 8, 2014

— Former NBA star Earvin "Magic" Johnson bounced through the Triangle Tuesday.

He met with students at the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy in Durham. The free, alternative school is designed for students who have dropped out of high school. Most courses are taken on computers.

Johnson used the opportunity to promote his program, "Friends of Magic." It's a network that works to help at-risk students.


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  • Chris Vet Apr 9, 2014
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    Are you really asking why someone should go back to school to get a high school diploma? C'mon man

  • knbrown13 Apr 8, 2014

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    Try again because Magic Johnson actually is a CEO! Furthermore he visited the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy in Durham...Let that sink in as to why he's the one that happened to visit and get news coverage today.

    Thank you Magic Johnson for creating opportunities for those that dropped out of school for whatever reason. Regardless of the fact that he was formerly a professional basketball player (as negatively as that's fine) this man has showed that he knows how to manage himself as an extremely successful businessman. At least he's leading by positive example in that vein.

  • rushbot Apr 8, 2014

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    why is that, sir or ma'am?

  • rushbot Apr 8, 2014

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    you mean pushing romneycare/ aca/obamacare, right???

  • rushbot Apr 8, 2014

    i'm old..i saw him dunk on 2 extremely tall and extremely bearded turks at the albert schweitzer tournament in mannheim germany in 19 and 76...he was earvin johnson remains one of the best plays i have ever seen....

  • nobodyknow420 Apr 8, 2014

    Really...there weren't any African American CEO's, scientists, or doctors to come speak to these children...we had to get a basketball player. That's helpful, I mean, these kids are all more likely to focus on sports rather than education now so lovely durham public schools. Just great! I'm sure those are the speakers that Ravenscroft and Cary Academy get to speak to those children!

  • Mannin Black Apr 8, 2014
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    Only a true conservative can turn anything into something about Obama. Even if it is far from anything to do with Obama. It's all I hear all. Obama this. Obama that. Stop your complaining and do something good for once.

  • ITeechTeens Apr 8, 2014

    I love Magic. Some people are such Haters/Trolls. Let him do good for people who need it. He is giving opportunities to those who may not otherwise have it. That is way better than some who have the resources and do nothing.

  • James Scandrick Apr 8, 2014
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    Some people disagree with anything Durham, anything Obama, anything African American. I mean this is a man to be looke up to for those he his helping, so he can be a role model. He's no puppet, he's just someone helping others for what he believes in, and this has nothing to do with African American, he's helping troubled youth, who for whatever reason aren't allowed back in the physical classroom, and Obamacare isn't race based either, but the negativity towards what he is visiting for doesn't deserve the obvious bias. If he's here for people to learn and to help the uninsured get insured, then we should be all for it.

  • Thomas Hannan Apr 8, 2014
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    BIZARRO - "This is a bad idea... they should be encouraged to go back to school....this will just encourage more drop outs"

    Did you read the story? What in this story led you to think that it will cause more drop-outs? And, you do realize that they ARE in school, right?