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Lynda Loveland: The Brown Noser

Posted December 5, 2012

Lynda Loveland

Apparently kids learn the art of sucking up early. Or at least some do.

My two older kids are testing me at every turn. Sometimes I think they're the devil's spawn. OK, that may be harsh, but you get my drift.

My five-year-old is an angel, for the most part. She's my easy child. I think she's figured out how to use that to her advantage. Whenever the older kids act up, I've noticed she'll lean in close and say, "Mommy, I love you!" Coincidence?

A couple of days ago, Campbell and Caiden got in trouble for something and were sent to their rooms. As they were on their way upstairs, Carys walks over to my husband, who was folding laundry (yes, he's awesome), and asks to help fold clothes!

Seriously? Where was the audience, 'cause she was putting on a show?!

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL FM's Bill & Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays. Find her everyday on her Facebook page.


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  • thewayitis Dec 6, 2012

    I actually think that sometimes kids get nervous when their siblings are in trouble, and when the non-trouble maker is especially sweet, it's because they're trying to diffuse the situation and make mom or dad happy again. Kids don't like it when mom and dad aren't happy.

    FWIW, I have both a difficult kid (with many good traits, too!) and an easy kid, and I've noticed my easy kid is especially kind when the oldest is in trouble. I really believe that he just doesn't like it when people are upset.

  • jacmic Dec 6, 2012

    This happens in our house too! When I get upset with my 7 yr old, my 3yr old says:"Mommy, you are not mad at me..I make you happy, I listened."

  • lec02572 Dec 6, 2012

    My daughter was the same way. She was the youngest of three (two older brothers) and every time they got into trouble she was there to remind us of how good she was. They learn how to work their charm to achieve their ultimate goals of getting their way. I can only hope my daughter gets played the same way.

  • kellypratz Dec 6, 2012

    when either one of my kids misbehaves, the other one looks at me and says "I'm behaving mommy" :)

  • ncsu91938 Dec 6, 2012

    Sounds just like my 6-yr-old and 10-yr-old. The 6-yr-old is a total suck-up! But love them both to death!

  • righthere1234 Dec 6, 2012

    Lynda, my 2 year old has already started that! She sees us get on her 6 year old brother for not doing something and immediately says, "Mommy, I'm doing (fill in the blank here)." It's really cute, and my husband will tell her how much he loves her brown little nose. So far she's my easy child, but those teen years are looming in the distance. lol

  • jedichick Dec 6, 2012

    I don't have kids, and I never will (except stepkids when I get married in March) but I love reading Lynda's articles! inshore123 is a grump.

  • LMRA Dec 6, 2012

    In my family, the third of us 4 kids was known as 'Lois Lane' because she 'reported' on my brother and I (#s 1 and 2). She would see us do things she knew were wrong and tell my Mother. As we were getting punished, she'd stand there and watch and smile.

  • elliesmom Dec 6, 2012

    My daughter is 12 and I know something's up when out of (seemigly) nowhere, she hugs me and says "Do you know how much I love you?" My response is "Well I love you all the way to the moon and back. Now, what happened?" :-)

  • katizs Dec 6, 2012

    That sounds like my 7 yr old. She watches when her 14 & 11 yr old siblings get in trouble and then she will go do something that she knows will earn her good praise and come and tell me mommy, I picked up the living room (or whatever she has done) without you having to tell me to. - So I understand completely where you stand - I wil usually give her a big hug and tell her thanks for being such a big help and the smile in return is worth it!