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Lynda Loveland: Remember me for ...

Posted March 19, 2014

Lynda Loveland

What memories do you have of your mom and dad? I’m not talking about vacations or funny things that happened. What sentimental moments or inspiring things did they have to say?

I often think about what my kids will remember about me. They’re sure as heck not going to recall all the time I spent in the kitchen preparing made-from-scratch meals every night!

I want them to remember something personal about me - something I did for them or how I made them feel. I wonder, am I doing anything/enough to have an impact on them aside from the regular parenting duties?

I’m always envious of the philosophical parent who can deliver profound wisdom at the drop of a hat. Yeah, that’s not me. The best I can do is tell my slumping daughter at the dinner table to sit up straight and strong.

When I think of my mom, I remember her scratching my back. Her touch was soothing and relaxing. She’d do it whenever she was around me, without really thinking about it. It always made me feel close to her.

That’s probably what I bring to my kids. I’m a touchy, feely person. If they’re around me, my hands are on them somehow. Hugs abound in my house.

What’s that one thing you remember your mom or dad for? Or what do you do for your kids that’s memorable? I’d love to know!

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's The Mix Morning Show. Find her here on Thursdays. Click here to see her Facebook page.


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  • jmoyemoore Mar 27, 2014

    My daddy died May 1, 2013. I miss him so much. He had been in a wheelchair & had not been able to speak normally since a massive stroke affected him March 9, 2003. He was only 65 last year when he left us. What I cherish & wish I could hear one more time is him telling the story of the moment the doctor who delivered me came to the waiting room to tell him to come & meet his baby girl. Every year, on my birthday, he would tell me that short little story of how he waited & waited with the other daddys & how he was so excited to meet me & he always closed the story with how he loved me before he met me & he would love me "all the time". I am crying now missing him. I picked on him a little bit about how he didn't have to tell me that story EVERY year & then after his stroke... he really couldn't tell me anymore. And I've missed it ever since. Children really do cherish little touches & little "sayings"....we should never forget that.

  • Susan Olvera Mar 22, 2014
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    My stepfather of 28 years passed away 8 months ago and I remember when I was about 8 years old getting my leg caught in the elevator an airport and him reaching his arm out and catching me before I fell. That memory probably embodies best our relationship because I did give him a run for his money and he was always there with his arms outstretched. I remember my mother holding me in a rocking chair when I was about 4 years old and singing "hush little baby don't say a word, momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird" and feeling so very loved and safe. I remember my father walking me around my room when I was a little girl and certain monster's were under my bed, showing me everything was okay, opening closets, pulling back curtains, etc.

  • Cathe Evans Mar 21, 2014
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    My mom and I used to play "beauty salon". She would let me "do" her hair, which included wrapping it in toilet paper, brushing it to the point of total frizz and making a mess in general. I won't even describe the 'make up' sessions. I loved every second of it when she raved about my wonderful beauty skills.
    Now, I am on the receiving end of "beauty salon" treatments from my daughter...and it is a great reminder of the special times I had with my mom. I hope she looks back on this time as fondly I do, too.

  • jpittard2 Mar 21, 2014

    Having lost both of my parents last year, I knew instantly what I miss the most! My father would make up silly songs to diffuse some of life's tough moments such as having a best friend move away, etc. I can hear him sing "On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my first meatball when somebody sneezed!" That plus a hug and his smile helped to get me over some of the tougher moments of childhood. I miss my Mom's potato soup that she would make when I was sick. I needed some of it this winter! Thank you for bringing forth these great memories.

  • rhonda2222 Mar 20, 2014

    I remember my Dad and I saying my Prayers every night. We would get on our knees and he would repeat after me. I will always remember that about my dad, and we walked to church every Sunday, him holding my hand and my brothers. They are in heaven now, but I still say my same prayer to this day at the age of 54. I will always miss and love them! Thanks for letting me share with you!

  • Ashley Porter Mar 20, 2014
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    I remember walking in the woods with my dad, him telling me about plants and God's creation. I also remember his ability to relax a wiggly girl before bedtime by simply massaging my hand or head. Then there was him telling me goodbye as he dropped me off at college, tears rolling down his cheeks, knowing things wouldn't ever be quite the same again. And my last memory of him, his hand in mine as I told him how much I loved him and was so proud to be his daughter as he breathed his last. So Linda, it's the touches for sure that they remember.

  • moppie Mar 20, 2014

    After losing both of my parents before I was 35, it's funny how we really do remember the little things. The hardest part for me is that they aren't around to watch their grandchildren grow up. So I try everyday to tell them little things about their grandparents so they have some sort of connection. It could be one of my Daddy's favorite sayings, or one of Mama's favorite recipes she always cooked for us. The best memories I have of my Daddy is him exposing me to the world of music, be it a concert hall or a dive bar. For my sweet Mama, it was time spent in the kitchen, cooking for us and for our friends and family who weren't able to cook anymore.

  • Dianna Oldom Aubin Mar 20, 2014
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    I remember my mom taking me to dance class and afterwards we would always have dinner at the little restaurant in the back of the local KMart. Just the two of us, without my dad, sister or 2 brothers. I really enjoyed that time alone talking with her.

    My dad died when I was 16 but I remember my family went to the mall for an outing every weekend. My brothers went off on their own, my sister went to look at clothes with my mom, but I went to look at tools with my dad. Sure I would have loved looking at dresses and dolls but I got to spend alone time with my dad. And I learned a lot about tools too.

  • Jean Cook Mar 20, 2014
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    I remember my Mama braiding my hair when I was a little girl. I loved for her to brush my hair.
    I remember sharing a Mountain Dew with my daddy when we went to the grocery store. My mama would go inside to do the grocery shopping and my daddy and I would share a Mountain Dew while we waited. I miss them both dearly!